How does the series of small nothings and big emotions end?

How does the series of small nothings and big emotions end?

[Cet article contient des spoilers sur la saison 6 et le grand final de This is Us]

Some goodbyes are more difficult than others. Especially in series. The journalist Olivier Joyard also explained in his documentary, end of series, the art of ending a series which is often “a moment of collective mourning” In line with Six Feet Under, The Leftovers, Lost Where madmenthe end of This is Us was eagerly awaited, she who has never stopped playing with time, memories, surprises too. The final episode, the eighteenth of season 6, was broadcast on Tuesday evening on the American channel NBC, and is now available on MyCanal.

A funeral to overcome and a Saturday to do nothing

This is Us devoted a large part of its season 6 to showing that with the years, time passes more and more quickly, an observation made by Randall during the marriage of Kate and Phillip. Many things have happened in the last episodes: Kate separated from Toby and married Phillip, Kevin found his childhood sweetheart Sophie, Randall sets out to conquer the Senate or even more, his adopted daughter Already is pregnant, Miguel died and Rebecca “found” Jack after a metaphorical train journey, a way of revisiting the series through his eyes, at the dawn of his death.

When the last episode begins, all the stakes of the series are resolved, and even if it has accustomed us to a few twists and cliffhangers, from its pilot, none of that here. The episode mirrors the present day, the day of Rebecca’s funeral, of which we will see almost nothing, and, in the past, a Saturday “with nothing to do”. It’s the nice idea of ​​this finale, and of the series, the famous “collecting the little things”, these little things that we don’t take the time to appreciate too worried that they will end, or too busy looking ahead, and trying to remember the rest of your life.

No drama, no death, just “little things”

“I always wanted and always planned for the last episode to be more of an epilogue, the continuity of our story, rather than a precise moment, explains the creator Dan Fogelman to variety. I wanted us to be able to experience a really normal day in the life of a family, before something drastic happened. It was important to end the series on how the human condition and the human spirit endures and moves forward, rather than just a moment, a death, that would have seen everyone crying hysterically. »

A little swing, a shaving session, a family game… “Little nothings” and flashbacks shot 3-4 years ago, when the performers of Randall, Kate and Kevin as children were still young, the proof that Dan Fogelman had the end in mind from the start. The series does not play the flash-forward card like Six Feet Under, even if we already know, in the more distant future, that Jack, the son of Kate and Toby, will become a pop star. But in the course of a conversation, the Big Three tease what their future could be: Kate wants to open music schools for the visually impaired around the world, Kevin wants to devote himself to his non-profit commitments, and Randall intends continue his political career, up to the presidency of the United States.

A final plan that is both simple and heartbreaking

The only little surprise in this finale, frustration for some, satisfaction for others, is how Randall finds himself slightly more at the center of the episode than his brother and sister, for the simple and good reason, comments the creator , that he will “have a grandchild”: “This episode is about the legacy and the future. I thought of thinking of him as a representative of the Big Three in this last moment. »

He even gets the final shot, with a young Randall looking at his father Jack with depth and tenderness, and enjoying the moment for what it is, “a little thing.” “I always knew I wanted to end with this feeling of children looking at their parents, capturing something that they will keep with them all their lives,” says Dan Fogelman. The ending, and indeed the whole series, is a very simple promise: the people you lose live forever through those who remain. »

He continues and concludes: “We will all, in our lives, inevitably experience losses, sorrows, but there is something to know: on different scales, they will always live with you. It’s a little hard to fathom, but when you expand — as the show has hopefully done, following multiple generations of the same family — you can see how the people you lose stay in the game. picture all the time. That’s what the end of the series is about, what this final shot is about. »



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