Carla Bruni, sublime, à Venise : elle dévoile une décolleté de dingue jusqu'au nombril et fait grimper les températures

Carla Bruni breaks a rule of the regulations during the climb of the steps of Cannes

Carla Bruni creates again and again the event. Wherever she goes, the singer, actress and former model does not fail to turn heads in her path. But this year, as she walked up the steps of the Cannes Film Festival, it wasn’t just her magnetic charisma and stunning outfits that were catching the eye. Indeed, the wife of Nicolas Sarkozy also finds herself quoted in the press, and in particular in the columns of the magazine Here isfor having derogated from one of the rules governing the ascent of the steps.

On the red carpet, not everyone can do as they please. But would Carla Bruni be the exception? After all, she’s going to break the rules in front of Cannes Film Festival president Thierry Frémaux. And the latter does not seem to hold it against him! Objeko tells you all about this astonishing incident. An incident for which she was nevertheless not the only one to blame.

Carla Bruni is more bewitching than ever

Photographers and the public who gather around the steps of the Palais des Festivals immediately spotted Carla Bruni when she arrived on the red carpet. Obviously, she remains one of the most beautiful women in the country for many of her fans. And the passing years don’t seem to have the slightest hold on her. For May 21, the wife of Nicolas Sarkozy climbed the steps in a superb outfit. She was going to attend, with so many other stars, the screening of Triangle of Sadness by Ruben Ostlund. And the readers ofObjeko are aware that all stair climbs are important.

This last Saturday Carla Bruni then wore a sparkling lilac dress. Thin straps held the outfit on her graceful shoulders. The shiny dress fell on her perfectly and highlighted the splendid figure of the former model. To complete her outfit, a dress from the Céline brand, Carla Bruni wore a fabulous jewelry set. Bulgari jewelry. The lilac tones knew how to bring out the blue eyes of the singer wonderfully.

It was therefore undeniable, Carla Bruni shone on the red carpet of the Cannes Film Festival. Photographers were screaming her name so they could take pictures of her as she gazes in their direction. The public also never ceased to challenge him. And after a few minutes of posing and smiling, she gently told them that she would come back later and started walking through the crowd.

A rule flouted time and time again while climbing the stairs

After a few long minutes, Carla Bruni therefore arrived at the top of the steps of the Cannes Film Festival. And on his way, some may have violated the rules of the red carpet. Indeed, a certain behavior is required to make the event of the ascent of the steps as exceptional as possible. Also, it is possible that the wife of Nicolas Sarkozy was not aware of this regulation since she saw other people contravene it before contravening it in turn. Like Objeko was able to see it, especially in the columns of the magazine Here isCarla Bruni arrived at the top of the steps and was able to greet the president of the Cannes Film Festival, director Thierry Frémaux.

At the time of this meeting, Carla Bruni and him were very smiling. Cameras and photographers immortalized this moment. But the singer wanted to keep this memory with her too. So she took out her cell phone to take a selfie with the president. President who must know the rules for him. He must therefore know that selfies are prohibited on the red carpet of the Cannes Film Festival. But rather than calling her to order, he was content to lend himself to the game.

Our colleagues from the magazine Here is report this “incident” as if Carla Bruni were an exception. And on many points, the star is one. But when it comes to the red carpet selfies, we’re forced to acknowledge that she wasn’t the only one breaking the rules. This, however, does not elevate anything to the spontaneous and sometimes casual character of the star. Just take a walk on his Instagram account, consulting some of his publications, to take note of his irresistible playfulness.



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