Barrère mal parti face au géant Isner… Djokovic, Nadal, Alcaraz et Gasquet vont régaler… Suivez la journée de mercredi avec nous…

11:50 a.m. : After beating Océane Dodin in the first round, Andrea Petkovic is not far from the exit. The German takes 1-6, 0-1 against Viktoria Azarenka.

11:47 a.m .: The second is the good one on a really LAAAARGLY avoidable fault. 2-1 Isner, serve to follow…

11:46 : A lazy forehand into the net and two break points for Isner…

11:45 a.m. : 15-30 on the Barrère service. Watch out boy…

11:43 am : Oh the reverse crucifix all rotten in the hallway. 1-1. Too bad Greg…

11:42 : A bad shot from the French, a winning service from the American, here we are at 40-30…

11:41 a.m. : 15-30 on the Isner service. Don’t miss it, there won’t be 10,000 like that for Barrère.

11:39 : White game for Greg, who could not attack the 2nd set better against Isner who sprayed in all corners. It’s called the Greensboro sprinkler.

11:37 am: First set also won for Auger-Aliassime. 6-0 in not even half an hour…

11:36 am: AND ANOTHER ACE FOR ISNER and his 2.08 m. First set for the American (6-4).

11:35 am: Three set points for the US bomber, who has just dropped two aces…

11:34 am : 5-4 for Isner, who serves for the set…

11:32 am : Auger-Aliassime on a morning walk against Ugo Carabelli: 5-0 in 22 minutes for the Canadian against the Argentinian.

11:31 am: Laborious handover between William and Nicolas. Time to pick up the object, Isner leads 5-3 against Barrère…

11:22 a.m .: Big slap from the American forehand to break the Frenchman. Strong. 3-2 for Isner, serve to follow.

11:21 a.m. : Grégoire Barrère at the end of the race trying to lob John Isner, it’s terrible. He ate a smash as punishment. Break point for the American.

11:17 a.m. : 2-2 in 9 ‘, it scrolls between Isner and Barrère

11:15 a.m. : Oh the cushioning perfectly touched by Greg to win his service game easily. 2-1 for the Frenchman, serious and relaxed at the moment. Aspen, John

11:13 a.m. : 1-1 between Barrère and Isner, the American is solid on his serve. Pleonasm.

11:12 am: On the other courts we have, for the moment among others:

Raducanu (12) vs. Sasnovich

Azarenka vs. Petkovic

Auger-Aliassime (9) – Carabelli

11:10 a.m. : White game to start for Barrere. What a good way to start the day of the French.

11:05 a.m. : We are not going to lie to each other, Isner may not be a crack on clay, Isner remains Isner and he will serve like a golgoth. It will be very hard for Barrere, but we believe in it.

11 a.m. : The players return to the courts for the first matches, we will follow Grégoire Barrère against John Isner on the Simonne-Mathieu

Above all, we don’t want to oversell the merchandise. But we should still enjoy this Wednesday at Roland-Garros, with a tricolor aperitif and dessert: Elsa Jacquemot and Grégoire Barrère will be on deck from 11 a.m., while Corentin Moutet will officiate in the night session opposite the master of the house, Rafael Nadal.

Between the two, only happiness and very appetizing dishes, from Alexander Zverev to Novak Djokovic via Carlos Alcaraz. Without forgetting our two other Frenchmen of the day: Richard Gasquet and Diane Parry. Come on, let’s take the bet: there will be plenty of rooster on the menu for the 3rd roundunlike the villain cru 2021.

» Beginning of the festivities around 11 am. Enjoy your lunch !



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