Avant d’affronter Auxerre en barrage aller, les Verts décrètent l’union sacrée

By snatching a draw from Nantes (1-1) and the place of play-off at the expense of Metz (relegated to L2 with Bordeaux last Saturday), the Stéphanois offered themselves a week off and a double catch-up session against Auxerre, before to go on vacation. “If, luckily, we manage to keep ASSE in Ligue 1, I told them that their holidays will seem extremely dull to them compared to the week they will have experienced”professes their trainer, Pascal Dupraz.

No calculator needed. To win this “Ligue 1 and a half, this two-man mini-Championship, we will have to score more goals than our opponent in two matches”, he recalled Tuesday, at forty-eight hours before the first round at Abbé-Deschamps, who will have nothing of a green class. While “Sainté” has not won any of his last seven trips to L1, goalkeeper Paul Bernardoni announces the color: “We’re not going to play 0-0, we don’t really know how to do it, smiles the goalkeeper on loan from Angers. The goal is to win both matches. We will do everything for. »

Boudebouz reinstated

And with everyone, insists Dupraz who decrees the sacred union. “We are more than ever 26”insists the coach who has reinstated Ryad Boudebouz, dismissed from the trip to Beaujoire for indiscipline last weekend. “It was not the lookalike of Ryad Boudebouz who was there this morning (tuesday)it was him »joked the technician in a press conference, at the end of the morning session.

By calling to “an extra soul to keep ASSE in Ligue 1”Dupraz highlights “the exemplary state of mind and behavior” by Assane Diousse. Last Saturday, the Senegalese midfielder had driven nearly seven hours with a member of the club to reach Nantes off the kick, in order to compensate for the possible withdrawal of Lucas Gourna-Douath, finally fit (he had entered for the last quarter of ‘hour).

Falaye Sacko did not train on Tuesday

Just after his goal propelling the Greens into the play-offs, it was moreover towards the 21st man seated in the stands that Romain Hamouma, after having jumped above the billboards, rushed to hug him. “There, we are going to be considerate, we are going to leave at 22. The story of Assane is that he will be with us and I hope that he will celebrate, in these two confrontations, goals with his partners”specifies Dupraz, who is well aware that the fuel gauge is flashing dangerously.

“There are 26 of us with jerry cans, it’s not 26 gas station attendants, it’s 26 professional players”, he pictures, while his rear guard shows worrying signs. To the suspension in Auxerre of Eliaquim Mangala for accumulation of cards, it is necessary to add the squeaks to a knee of Falaye Sacko. After finishing the match gritting his teeth at La Beaujoire, the Malian defender was released from opposition on Tuesday at the end of the session at the Robert-Herbin sports center.

“He stretched his affected internal ligament a little on one of the last actions (In Nantes). It was still a little painful this morning, it will still be so for six months »tried to attenuate Dupraz, the faith pegged to the body: “ At the end of this double confrontation, I hope that we will have succeeded where everyone thought we were going to fail. If this is the case, you can salute the stubbornness of the players and the good understanding of the group. »




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