who was Snapchat’s star influencer who died aged 25?

“Yacine has left us”. It was through a short message on Instagram that the family of Baby Driver announced the death of the influencer at only 25 years old, Monday, May 23, 2022. According to the details of his relatives, published a few days later early on, the young man was battling cancer “very aggressive” who won “little by little for a few months in the hospital”.

Of Algerian origin, Baby Driver had been successful via the social networks where he staged himself in prestigious places around the world, and in particular in Dubai. According to The Parisian, Yacine had made his fortune through sports betting. He therefore spent astronomical sums on the purchase of luxury cars, which could attract many criticisms to which he responded with humor in videos, indicates Free lunch.

Highly followed on social networks

Baby Driver was particularly followed on Instagram (more than 150,000 subscribers), where all his posts were deleted immediately after the announcement of his death. But also on Snapchat, where he regularly posted his videos. News of his death sparked a flurry of comments on social media. Many Internet users paid tribute to him, as did other influencers.

On Facebook, Youtubeur Nour, for example, hailed the memory of Yacine, who “lived the French Dream of a young man from the suburbs”. “His death is a reminder that will affect our generation even more because many of our youth look at influencers with envy and we sometimes forget that our life can end at any second”he wrote.

Death of ‘Baby Driver’: Who was Snapchat’s star influencer who died aged 25?



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