Tomorrow belongs to us: what awaits you in episode 1192 of Tuesday, May 24, 2022 [SPOILERS] - News Series on TV

Tomorrow belongs to us: what awaits you in episode 1192 of Tuesday, May 24, 2022 [SPOILERS] – News Series on TV

In the next episode of “Tomorrow belongs to us”… While Vanessa is indeed Mercier’s copycat, Nathan learns a technique to manage his stress. At the same time, Roxane and Sara are looking for a new donor.

Attention, the following paragraphs contain spoilers on the episode of Tomorrow belongs to us tomorrow evening on TF1! If you don’t want to know anything, don’t read on!

Tuesday May 24 in Tomorrow belongs to us…


In the early morning, Georges makes Vanessa believe that he is smeared in order to avoid drinking the sage infusion that she has prepared for him. Once the young woman has left, the policeman calls Sara and warns her that he will not be coming to work.

At the police station, Martin takes stock of the investigation with his teams. A hair was found in the trunk of Tristan’s car and according to the first analyzes, it would belong to a woman. As the DNA does not match that of the victims, the police deduce that Mercier’s copycat is therefore a woman. Commander Constant then realizes that Tristan is innocent and that the assassin has been trying to blame him from the start. Without waiting, the latter orders Damien to find who owns this hair. However, it is already querying the national file. If the killer has been involved in a case before, they’ll get the answer quickly.

Meanwhile, Georges called on Victoire to rummage through Vanessa’s belongings. Before touching anything, however, the Lazzari girl decides to take a picture so she can put everything back in place once they’re done. Georges then seizes the box hidden in his partner’s closet. After getting his hands on the padlock key, Georges opens the box and discovers a sewing kit. If Victoire thinks that her ex-boyfriend has probably made up his mind with this whole story, the latter does not understand why someone used the first name of Vanessa’s mother-in-law to discuss with Mercier. Georges therefore has the idea of ​​calling Vanessa’s father, whom she hasn’t spoken to for years. This is why he calls Nordine so that he finds Paul Lehman’s contact details.

Not far from there, Vanessa hides something in the Spoon’s reserves. When Bart arrives to ask her to get back to work, she is particularly unpleasant.

For their part, Georges and Victoire meet Vanessa’s father who tells them that he was close to his daughter when she was little. Although he portrays her as a very sweet child, Paul also explains that she has changed following the death of her mother, whom she has never mourned. After that, Vanessa never put up with her father starting a new life with Alice. So much so, moreover, that she was emotionally blackmailing him and having fits of jealousy. When George questions him to find out if that’s why they don’t speak to each other anymore, Paul replies that it was his reaction to Alice’s death that kept them apart. . Vanessa was eighteen when Alice died of a heart attack a few days before their wedding and never hid that she was happy with her death.

Georges then wonders if Alice would not be Vanessa’s first victim. Although there are many gray areas in this story, Victoire advises him to get some sleep in order to think about all this with a clear head. However, George needs answers and later confronts Vanessa about her possible connection to all these murders. Offended, she reminds him that she almost died and then swears she has nothing to hide. As she is hurt by his lack of confidence, Vanessa leaves the apartment.

At nightfall, Vanessa goes to her hideout and looks at a photo of her and Georges carefully before grabbing a bottle of digitalis.


Nathan was called into the CPE office to discuss his school results which are catastrophic. But he is so afraid of reprisals that he decides not to show up for the meeting.

At lunchtime, Étienne meets him in the yard and invites him to follow him. Insofar as he stresses with the approach of the exams, Étienne gives him several breathing and visualization exercises to do. The teenager may be skeptical, but he ends up playing the game so much so that he puts it into practice during an intimate moment with Angie.


Ever since Sara and Roxane asked her to be their sperm donor, Nordine has shown herself to be particularly evasive. Certain that he made his decision without daring to tell them, Roxane questions him. Not wishing to have this conversation at the police station, he therefore gives them an appointment at the Spoon and then announces to them that he is not the right person for this project. Indeed, Nordine does not think she will be able to keep her distance from the child given her personal history.

If they are understanding, the two young women are still disappointed. However, Sara and Roxane do not give up and intend to find a donor within the police station in the person of Damien…



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