those who love Chéreau will not take the train with Jaoui

those who love Chéreau will not take the train with Jaoui

DAY 7 – The actress and director of Taste of others rewinds his career on stage, then behind the camera, with a stainless frankness.

You have to know how to say goodbye. In Almond trees, Presented in official competition, Valeria Bruni-Tedeschi recounts the short-lived Nanterre theater school where Patrice Chéreau taught. Agnès Jaoui studied there in the 1980s and the actress does not keep fond memories of it, as she testified during a master class. “I had to deal with a guru, who needed to reign and divide in order to reign bettershe explains about the director and filmmaker who died in 2013. Abuse of power, no matter how talented the person, I can’t stand it.” The director of Taste of others prefer to remember Alain Resnais, who gave his actors great freedom of movement.

The beginning of his career, recalls Jaoui, was a period “cruel”, interspersed with failed castings. The place she cannot find, she then gave herself thanks to Jean-Pierre Bacri and four-handed writing. Are there too strong dictates in the cinema? In life in general, answers the former juror of the festival. Especially physical. “I try to grow old by accepting myself but I have trouble, I would like to give a fuck but I can’t. (…) For me, there is a hatred of fat that goes with the hatred of women. Not sure that Isabelle Huppert, who climbed the steps on Sunday in a jumpsuit stolen from the superheroes of Smoking makes you cough would agree with this judgment.

Isabelle Huppert, on the steps, honored Balenciaga and Cetelem. Valery HACHE / AFP

Why did you become an actress? To make his voice heard. “In my family, we spoke loudly…” Agnès Jaoui, with this frankness that we know her, continues: “Faced with the obvious absurdity of existence, becoming an actress allowed me to gain fame and therefore to be able to mark a little more my fleeting passage on Earth.»

Jean-Pascal Zadi’s motivations were of a completely different order. “In 2005, when I touched the Assédictells the forties to Brut, I only thought of finding a job in the image after having worked on construction sites to bring in a salary. In From the halls to the binshis first creation, the actor starring in the comedy Cut! revealed the underside of French rap. In this regard, the new documentary from Diam’s will be screened on Thursday before reaching theaters in early July and the BrutX platform. But the singer has decided not to go to the Croisette: she wants to avoid a media rush similar to those she has suffered in the past.

There is no question of saying goodbye, he is told. Pierre Lescure will always be welcome at the Palais des Festivals, which he has been surveying for eight years and will be leaving after this 75th edition. A tribute was paid to the president of the festival, Monday, in the office of the mayor of Cannes decorated with posters of the different editions of the event, photos of signed celebrities and a punching bag which may sometimes find its usefulness. On this occasion, David Lisnard insisted on a cardinal virtue that he believes the young man of 76 embodies: curiosity. It should lead him to take the helm of a theater in the future.




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