Shirel traumatized by Richard Berry as a child: she recounts a burning memory

Shirel claims it and she repeats it: she never experienced or witnessed incestuous sexual acts on the part of Richard Berry when she was a child. However, this is what Coline Berry, the actor’s daughter, assures us, who filed a complaint against him in 2021. Invited by TPMPthe daughter of Jeane Manson – who was Richard’s wife for two years – spoke of her childhood, not always rosy with the actor, but ensures that now she gets on well with him.

Shirel has nothing reprehensible to reproach the actor even if she recognizes to have never had much sympathy for him in her childhood because of the tumultuous marriage with Jeane Manson (from 1984 to 1986). “There’s none of that, it didn’t happen. I didn’t like Richard very much (…) as a child it was stormy. It was a bit violent, not in the blows, but in the passion, the arguments. I didn’t like Richard very much because he wasn’t a super emotional father-in-law with me. He hurt me (morally editor’s note) because he hurt my mother. But that’s all“, she recounted.

While the columnist Géraldine Maillet pointed out to her that she could very well, once an adult, be “in denial, traumatic amnesia“, Shirel claimed that she vividly remembers traumatic scenes from her childhood with Richard but that nothing sexual is in them. On the other hand, she related a searing memory. “I didn’t like Richard, I remember all my traumas that have nothing to do with something perverse (…) I could not put my head under water in the pool for 35 years because he taught me to swim by throwing me in the pool. Like what we did 40 years ago, except that I experienced it very badly. And I resented him“, she recounted. But having been partly raised by a rough stepfather does not make him an incestuous father. “Now I get on very well with him, poor thing. This allowed us to reconcile. It’s terrible for him. She’s her daughter, why would she say that?“, she added.

Shirel also said he learned of Coline’s accusations a little late – an article in the World, in February 2021, echoed this – as she lives in Tel Aviv, Israel. The young woman explained that she had seen Coline several months earlier after years without contact, during a joint lunch with her mother Jeane Manson. After that, Coline would have asked the two women to testify in her favor against Richard Berry in relation to the charges she is bringing against him. Categorical refusal of the two women who assure that they have never seen the actor have the slightest ambiguous gesture against Coline or Shirel. “I told him not at all, I’m not going to testify about something I haven’t experienced! And she had asked the same thing of my mother… And because we didn’t follow, this is what happened (…) When she saw my mother at the restaurant, she fell into her arms, she took a picture…“, recalled Shirel.

Is it an act of revenge by Coline to quote Jeane Manson in her complaint, accusing her of having participated in “sex games” against her with her ex-husband Richard Berry in the 1980s? Jeane Manson for her part sued Coline Berry for defamation and won; however, a call is in progress.

Richard Berry and Jeane Manson remain presumed innocent of the charges until the final judgment of this case.



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