"Noah's ark of intelligence": Alex Vizorek knocks out "Don't touch my post"

“Noah’s ark of intelligence”: Alex Vizorek knocks out “Don’t touch my post”

Don’t touch the compost“. This morning, in the morning of France Inter, Alex Vizorek tackled the talk presented by Cyril Hanouna on C8. The comedian notably returned to yesterday’s episode with the invitation to Jawad’s show Bendaoud, the one who is nicknamed the “landlord of Daesh”, who was condemned for having hosted the terrorists of November 13. After tweets of indignation and the message of a relative of the victims of the attacks, Cyril Hanouna finally gave up inviting Jawad Bendaoud to his program.

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“In Cyril’s Ark, everyone is welcome”

I’m going to tell you about C8 and Mr. Hanouna, and his show ‘Touche pas à mon poste’. A kind of Noah’s ark of intelligence. All cash is accepted there. Everyone is welcome in Cyril’s Ark. So much so that yesterday, they said to themselves: ‘Since he is out of prison, let’s invite Jawad!’“, began Alex Vizorek. And to ironize: “He will undoubtedly have some very interesting things to tell us, between a geopolitical opinion of Ukraine by Gilles Verdez and a feminist point of view by Kelly Vedovelli. Dear France Inter listener, if you don’t know who these people are, don’t blame yourself!“.

The comedian confided ne”not be surprised” that Jawad Bendaoud be invited in ” TPMP “: “What would have been amazing is that he was invited in ‘Boomerang’“.”No, he was announced at Hanouna where he was ready to be asked if he was for or against the vaccine, if he was sad about the end of ‘Plus belle la vie’ or if he thought that terrorism was rather darka or rassrah“, chained Alex Vizorek. And to slip: “Should we invite convicts on a TV set, in entertainment shows or just devote a glowing documentary to them on Netflix?“.

“We avoided one more bastard in the program who has a tendency to accumulate them”

I must be honest to say that an hour after the announcement of his arrival, Jawad was deprogrammed. Cyril Hanouna tweeted: ‘In a case like this, only the opinion of the victims counts, so I have taken the decision to cancel the interview’. I don’t know how he could have thought earlier in the day that it could have made the victims happy to see François Pignon from Daesh on set“, swung the co-presenter of “By Jupiter”. And to conclude: “We therefore avoided one more bastard in the program who has a tendency to accumulate them as soon as there is a way to create a little buzz on their backs. Hanouna invites just about anyone to his home, which gives him something in common with Jawad. There’s so much garbage that went through the show that it would be more honest to call it ‘Don’t touch my compost’“. puremedias.com invites you to view the sequence.



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