Michel Drucker and France 2, it’s over: new channel and new schedule for Vivement dimanche

Notice to fans of Vivement dimanche, the cult France 2 show is moving. Michel Drucker does not leave the public service and will be there on France 3 at the start of the school year.

Michel Drucker is moving. The star host of Vivement dimanche does not give up either his show or France Télévision, but announces that he will change channels and continue his show on France 3.

More humor and more province-oriented

This announcement follows a proposal from number 2 of France tv, explains Michel Drucker in an interview with Parisian this Monday, May 23. “France 3 is part of my DNA. I will be its new incarnation with Cyril Féraud. For me, it’s going to a channel that looks like me”, explains the host, who had already mentioned the name of his colleague in as a possible replacement.

ud83dudd35 EXCLUSIVE | At almost 80 years old, Michel Drucker will still host “Vivement dimanche” next season but on France 3

ud83dudcac “France 3 is part of my DNA. I will be the new incarnation with Cyril Féraud”https://t.co/xzHjYbVNQS

– The Parisian (@le_Parisian) May 23, 2022

In addition to changing channels, the Vivement dimanche program will also change its schedule and will now be broadcast at 1:30 p.m. and should make “more room for humor”, explains the 80-year-old host. The show will also be “more anchored in the province”.

Competition with Laurent Delahousse?

As for the stories of competition between Laurent Delahousse who presents the 1:15 p.m. of the weekend on the 2 and Michel Drucker, the latter cuts short: his program will be a real “counter-programming. At home, there will be laughter, humor and entertainment. He is a magazine. And above all, there is no longer any history between us, “he says.

Beyond presenting new talents, Michel Drucker will also regularly offer tributes to deceased celebrities who remain essential for the French. Annie Cordy, Gabin, De Funès… “I don’t want them to be forgotten”, specifies Michel Drucker, who will offer a special program once a month.



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