Meghan Markle proud of Harry: tender kiss to her prince, Lady Diana style!

Between Prince Harry and polo, it’s a family affair. The prince, like his brother William, became familiar with discipline alongside his dad, Prince Charles. The latter, a polo fan, also practiced it during his marriage to Princess Diana. At the time, the mother of William and Harry also came to encourage her man during the meetings. As in this month of June 1987 when Diana kissed Prince Charles while she was wearing a polka dot dress (see the slideshow . Some quickly saw a parallel between Meghan’s kiss to Harry and Diana’s to Charles. On the other hand, we were several notches below Meghan Markle and Prince Harry in terms of love and tenderness…

Where Meghan Markle and Prince Harry lit up the crowd present at the event with love by multiplying gestures of affection, Diana and Charles exchanged lip kisses and barely held hands. At the time, no one suspected what was happening behind the scenes at the palace. The story is sadly known now. The couple officially divorced in August 1996, after long months of heartbreak. Only one year before the tragic disappearance of the princess…



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