Johnny Depp vs Amber Heard: “This baby is yours”, a fan challenges the actor in the middle of a trial

Currently in the middle of a trial in Virginia (USA) against Amber Heard, his ex-wife whom he is suing for defamation after she accused him of domestic violence, Johnny Depp had the right to an astonishing surprise this Monday, May 23 2022. While the ex-star of Pirates of the Caribbean is supported daily by hundreds of fans outside the courthouse, one of them reportedly made a startling statement this week.

A woman challenges Johnny Depp during the trial

After having managed to enter the judicial establishment, this unidentified woman but accompanied by a baby (visible in the video below) would have indeed benefited from a break and the absence of Judge Penney Azcarate and the jury to shout in the direction of Johnny Depp, “Johnny, I love you. Our souls are connected“.

A cute if a bit awkward statement? Yes, but it doesn’t stop there. Determined to get noticed by the actor, she then allegedly added, “This baby is yours. When will you recognize it?” by presenting her own child. Just that. A statement that would have amused the assembly, but which would logically not have remained without consequences. Immediately, an agent would have invited her to leave the room so as not to disturb the following the trial, which she would have accepted without creating the slightest controversy, so it was indeed a joke and a statement that was a little too WTF.



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