Johnny Depp and Kate Moss: A tumultuous love story, a painful breakup...

Johnny Depp and Kate Moss: A tumultuous love story, a painful breakup…

While Johnny Depp and Amber Heard engage in a legal battle over the alleged domestic violence of the actor of Pirates of the Caribbean, a new witness was called to the stand. Indeed, the name of Kate Moss, ex of Johnny Depp, was mentioned by Amber Heard when she revealed that her ex-husband was accustomed to physical attacks. “I remembered hearing that he pushed an old girlfriend down the stairs. I think it was Kate Moss“, she dropped during the hearing. The opportunity to dive back into the past romance of Kate and Johnny in the heart of the 1990s.

It’s 1995 when two of Hollywood’s biggest names begin a romance that will have the whole planet talking. It is more precisely at Tobacco, a famous café located in New York where they met. He is dining in a back room when Kate, accompanied by Naomi Campbell, enters. He is the writer-journalist George Wayne who plays the role of matchmaker. “I had no idea that they would become THE trendy couple for years to come“, he confided later. The alchemy immediately takes place between the one who has just separated from Winona Ryder and the young model of 20 years. “As soon as we started talking, I knew we’d be together“explained the British. The duo then becomes inseparable and appears in the four corners of the globe hand in hand.

A devastated hotel room

But all is not rosy between the two stars. Indeed, their relationship is marked by excesses with their penchant for partying, drugs but also arguments. One evening in September 1994, for example, a violent altercation broke out between Johnny Depp and Kate Moss while they were in their hotel room in Manhattan. The police are notified and the actor is found in a sorry state, in the middle of a completely devastated room. Kate Moss, meanwhile, is unscathed. The star ofEdward Scissorhands is finally sentenced to pay 10,000 dollars in damages to the hotel.

In 1996, the couple again became embroiled in a scandal. As Kate Moss celebrates her 21st birthday at Viper-Room, a club located in Hollywood, which partly belonged to Johnny Depp, the Australian comedian Jason Donovan is seized with a violent epileptic fit following the absorption of drugs. The authorities take an interest in the evening and it is revealed that an exceptional quantity of drugs were at the scene. Hard blow for the couple once again involved in a dirty business.

Finally, after three years, the couple separated in 1997. A heartbreak for Kate Moss who confided in 2012 that she had cried for years. “Nobody ever knew how to take care of me, except Johnny Depp, a little“, she had declared. As for the actor, it was with a bit of regret that he remembered his outbursts for Hello! Magazine :I never put myself in such states for a woman. I was so dumb ’cause our relationship had potential.”



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