Influencer Yacine, aka Babydriver, died of cancer aged 25

Snapchat and Instagram star, better known as Babydriver, died of ‘very aggressive cancer’ aged 25

Influencer Yacine, Snapchat and Instagram star better known as Babydriver, died of cancer at the age of 25, his family announced Monday on his Instagram account.

“Yacine has left us… Please continue to respect the privacy of Yacine and her family at this time of mourning… Intrusive questions and seeking details [sont] unwelcome[s]“, can we read in this press release.

“We do not want any controversy or intrusion, just prayers that Yacine rest in peace in paradise”, is it also indicated in this text.

Luxurious lifestyle

A few days earlier, the influencer’s family had warned of the worrying state of health of the young man: “He has a very aggressive cancer which has been taking him away little by little for a few months in the hospital.”

Followed by more than 144,000 fans on Instagram, Yacine “proudly displayed photos of him posing in front of a luxury car, with the skyscrapers of Dubai in the background”, according to The Parisian.

A dazzling success, obtained thanks to sports betting, and which had earned him many critics, notes Entertainment TV: “He regularly responded to his detractors on video, jealous according to him of his success and his luxurious lifestyle.”



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