here is the gift offered by the coaches of The Voice!

Nikos Aliagas very moved by his birthday present, here are all the details and his reaction on video! His message to the fans in excluded…

During the final of “The Voice”, Saturday evening, Nikos Aliagas received a nice surprise from the famous coaches of the show. Indeed, they all got up from their seats to surprise him a few days after his birthday.

One thing is certain, this beautiful memory will remain engraved in the heart of the host, very moved by this surge of affection.

During the final of “The Voice” presented by Nikos Aliagas, five candidates competed to become the most beautiful voice. And it was Nour, Florent Pagny’s candidate, who convinced the public. She was opposed to Caroline Costa, Vike, Loris and Mister Mat.

At the end of the evening, it was the viewers who chose the last two finalists: Mister Mat and Nour. Vianney’s candidate won 43.8% of the vote against Florent Pagny’s protege who won 56.2%. For the latter, this is a fifth victory in “The Voice“. But another event caught our attention during this grand finale…

Nikos Aliagas surprised by the coaches of “The Voice” during the final.

Nikos Aliagas, the star host of TF1, was born on May 13, 1969. Ten days ago, he celebrated his 53rd birthday. But the day after this event, Nikos could not present the semi-final of “The Voice”. The reason for his absence: his health. Indeed, TF1 announced the news just hours before the live broadcast of the show: the host was suffering. It is therefore impossible to mark the occasion for the coaches in search of the most beautiful voice.

Determined to pay him a little tribute, Florent Pagny, Amel Bent, Vianney and Marc Lavoine took advantage of this final live broadcast, Saturday May 21, to surprise Nikos Aliagas. And it was Amel Ben who was the first to take the plunge: “If I can afford…” she said as the host began launching the ad.

This is the beginning of this beautiful birthday surprise since Vianney got up to grab his guitar and the coaches, including Nolwenn Leroy, gathered on the steps of the stage to sing a hit written by Mános Hadjidakis.

“Les Enfants du Pirée” is a Greek song composed especially for the film “Never on Sunday” by Jules Dassin. Performed for the first time by Melina Mercouri, it won the Oscar for best original song in 1961. Since then, this song has been covered by many artists around the world.

A symbolic song that upset Nikos

The song performed by the coaches was not chosen at random. What better gift than an international hit written by a Greek composer to surprise and delight Nikos Aliagas. Indeed, the host of TF1 is from Greece. Very moved by this beautiful surprise, he published an extract of this emotional moment on his Instagram story to share his happiness with his fans. “A little suspended moment offered by my coach friends… a little trip to Greece… in music. Thank you for this gift. A shot of blue sky to close the season, ”he wrote in the caption.

On the official Instagram account of “The Voice”, fans of the show were able to discover a black and white photo of this suspended moment. In the title of this publication: “The nice surprise of our coaches at Nikos Aliagas”. It would seem that the host is very appreciated by his colleagues.

Indeed, his birthdays are often marked on the sets of these shows. Last year, Nikos wanted to use this event to show his affection for his family living in his country of origin. For this, he posted a photo of himself as a child.

Nikos Aliagas

Internet users had no trouble recognizing it by observing the gaze of this toddler with large black eyes. Very close to his mother, the one who will present the next season of Star Academy has shown his gratitude. Her father passed away in 2018, but her mom seems to be at the heart of her concerns. In caption of this beautiful memory, Nikos wrote these words: “Paris, 52 years old. Thank you Andreas, thank you Haroula”.



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