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The Prix des Coteaux de la Seine at Saint-Cloud this Tuesday, May 24, 2022.

Direction Saint Cloud this Tuesday, May 24, 2022 for the Tiercé-Quarté-Quinté +. In this event, the Prix des Coteaux de la Seine will have to compete against each other as runners. The race will be contested over 1400 meters, and endowed with 50,000€.

In this event, Caliste has just proven its form lately in races with conditions. He returns to the handicaps with ambitions. A soft ground would help him in his task. His only outing to Saint Cloud ended in failure. I hope to see him erase this one, says Ludovic Gadbin.

Geny’s secrets

Nicholas Perret: The President (3): It was not planned to run this race but in view of its current form, we are tempted by this tournament. My main question remains the fact that there are forecast rains and I have no reference in soft ground. However, I know the family well who liked very soft tracks. Despite the penalty, I still expect good behavior.

Robin Schoof: Torpen makes its comeback. He had a great 2021 season. He had good preparation. And his morning date is satisfied with him. He is able to provide a good resumption of contact. I wouldn’t be surprised to see him behave well. Even if nothing obviously replaces the competition.

David Smaga: It is difficult to draw many lessons from his last outing. He did not have all his ease at the decisive moment. I hope Tuesday will be better. We announce the return of the rain at the beginning of the week in the Paris region. It wouldn’t displease him…

Ion Elarre Alvarez: Oasis Cove (7): It remains on excellent performance. She is a super filly who does all her shopping. She will have the advantage of being entrusted to Christophe Soumillon who knows her and if the forecast rains are present, it won’t bother her, quite the contrary. We move with logical pretensions.

Mikel Delzangles: Test Transformed (8): After winning his quinté, on the course that interests us, he repeated bowing slightly despite 3 kg penalty. Know that he is still in good shape and we are returning to Saint-Cloud with the ambition of playing for victory. Everything is ok provided that it does not rain too much because it does not like heavy ground.

David Satalia: Electroscope will run for the first time under my rule. It gives satisfaction in the morning and has improved a lot since its arrival at the stable. He must, however, prove himself in this company and in the worth that is his. We try to shorten the distance with him a bit. It’s a test first and foremost. A soft ground would help him in his task.

Frederic Head: Al Ula (10): This filly no longer has to show us that she is competitive at this level. Nevertheless, you have to benefit from good racing circumstances, as was the case during his last attempt. She has remained in good shape and I hope that everything will go well once again. Logically, his place is at the finish.

Romain Le Dren Doleuze: Admittedly Jury Pico failed a bit for a better ranking. But I was still hoping for a little better lately. On Tuesday, she will I think appreciate the relative shortening of the distance. And has its place at the finish of a race like Tuesday’s. Even if she will obviously be better off against her contemporaries alone.

Igor Endaltsev: Ciccio Boy is a chic horse who has taken a real step forward in recent months. Revealing itself at the level that interests us here. This good finisher gets along very well with Stéphane Pasquier. However, the horse is much more confirmed on fiber than on grass. The predicted rains are therefore not a priori made to work in its favor. As well as its rather unfavorable string number.

Yann Lerner: Madouss (13): At this value, she is able to stand out in such batches. Now she’s a wait-and-see and therefore depends on the circumstances of the races. On this track with a bend, I think we’ll ride it a little more offensively and perhaps have less traffic jams in the final phase. I hope she can express herself better.

Nicholas Perret: Chop Val (14): We must forget his last attempt where he had a harness problem. This time, he is moving up a category and it will be a test at this level. For him too, I don’t have a very soft ground as a benchmark and I hope he can show his true face. If so, I won’t be surprised to see him finish at the finish.

Henri-Francois Devin: Dhahabia (15): She had a good season last year showing nice means. Tuesday, she will make her comeback but has work behind her. It’s still difficult to be confident for a comeback, but I find it not badly positioned in terms of weight and has already succeeded at this course. She had to run well from the start.

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A summary: 8-7-10-4-3-6-2-1 The summary of the press: 8 – 7 – 10 – 4 – 3 – 5 – 11 – 15

Equidia: 8-7-6-10-3-2-11-4
Europe1: 7-4-10-3-8-12-2-1
The Parisian :
Alsace: 3-7-12-2-8-16-5-14
Paris Turf: 8-6-4-7-2-3-10-14
RTL: 8-10-3-4-7-2-6-9




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