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Christian Bale officially enters the MCU!

Chrisitian Bale finally shows up in the first trailer for Thor: Love and Thunder.

Marvel is recruiting new actors for its cinematic universe. The house of ideas refuses nothing, poaching Batman in person. It’s not about Ben Affleck or Robert Pattinsonbut of the actor who will have marked a generation of superhero lovers: Christian Bale.

After a remarkable passage in front of the camera of Christopher Nolan, he invites himself into the saga Thor. Still under the aegis of Taika Waititithe god of thunder offers a new foray into dark rooms this summer. A few months after the events ofavengers : Endgame, Thor and the Guardians of the Galaxy travel the Galaxy together. While New Asgard is in the hands of Valkyrie, who took the throne when Thor decided to pass the baton, the latter explores new lands.

Along the way, he will find a friend he thought he had lost sight of forever. This is Jane Foster, her love interest of two first films. Except that since The world of darknessthe character played by Natalie Portman has changed a lot. It seems that she has found powers, very similar to those of her ex. The details of this transformation are still secret for the time being.

A new antagonist for Christian Bale

Despite his appearance as Batman, hero among heroes, Christian Bale was not satisfied with the roles of the first of the class. He also excels on the other side of the barrier, the antagonists suit him perfectly. We particularly remember his chilling performance in American psychology. This time, he will embody Gorr : the Slaughterer of Godsa character once again from the comics.

born on a planet that worshiped gods that no one has ever seen, he swore to himself to kill all his divine figures when they did nothing to prevent the death of his loved ones. He will thus criss-cross the galaxy to attack Thor and his alter-ego mythological.

For example, we should cross paths with Zeus, played by none other than Russell Crowe. A 5-star casting for this highly anticipated film. After two rather disappointing opuses, Taika Waititi had given back its letters of nobility to the license with Ragnarok.

Marvel’s best villain Cinematic Universe

Since Thanoswith avengers : Infinity War and Endgamefew antagonists have succeeded in imposing themselves as a matter of course. According to Taika Waititi, Gorr : the Slaughterer of Gods has strong arguments to replace the purple titan in the hearts of viewers. The images of the trailer will tend to confirm this hypothesis. Halfway between La Nonne and Kratos in God of Warthe character camped by Christian Bale is simply frightening.

See you at the cinema on next July 13 to discover Thor: Love and Thunder.

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