Benjamin Azoulay, the reality TV star surgeon explains

Benjamin Azoulay, the reality TV star surgeon explains

AESTHETIC SURGERY – The case had already made the front page of the newspaper The Parisian, at the beginning of May, and the turn of social networks. Sunday March 22, she also invited herself to television.

The show seven to eight was interested in the cosmetic surgeon Benjamin Azoulay, several women of whom have recently denounced failed operations, even dangerous for their health. The opportunity to take stock of the situation, a few weeks after the publication of the survey of the Parisian on the subject.

  • Who is Benjamin Azoulay?

Aged 41, the surgeon Benjamin Azoulay is followed by more than 57,000 people on his Instagram account, where he presents the latest transformations of his clients. He also appears there with some reality TV stars like Nabilla and Thomas Vergara. The latter is indeed qualified as the “surgeon of reality TV stars” by The Parisian.

On his website, the practitioner, who operates from the 16th arrondissement district of Paris, indicates that he has received a “Silver Thesis Medal” and is “Laureate of the Faculty of Medicine of Paris”. “From 2017 to 2018, Benjamin Azoulay deserted the blocks”, nevertheless notes The Parisian. The cause? He was banned from practicing for two years by the national disciplinary chamber of the Order of Physicians for having repeatedly “violated medical secrecy and brought the profession into disrepute”.

The daily specifies that he “was again given a suspended one-month suspension last February, for the same reason, by the disciplinary chamber of first instance of Île-de-France”. But the order of doctors has appealed, and, in the meantime, the surgeon continues to operate.

  • What is he accused of?

May’s beginning, The Parisian reveals the testimonies of six women who denounce “failed interventions” and “an inhuman doctor”, “who would operate in a daze”. Among them: two reality TV candidates: Luna Skye and Emilie Amar. The first had spent the summer of 2021 in the hospital, explaining to its 435,000 subscribers in Instagram stories that they had come close to death following injections of hyaluronic acid gel. These were aimed at increasing his buttocks. “The MRI showed that Dr. Azoulay had injected the product into my muscles,” she accuses.

Four other patients, anonymous, also testify. Cindy says she found herself with her right nostril “crooked”, Magda with “one breast higher than the other” and the shame of undressing in front of her husband.

About ten days later, seven new women denounce the practices of the surgeon in everyday life. The investigation of Parisian “triggered a cascade of testimonies”. Pilar thus explains there living with a “stuffy nose, almost no sense of smell” when Virginie says that “Doctor Azoulay had forgotten the compresses in [son] nose” for five months. “He had broken it so badly that I was breathing and sleeping worse and worse,” she reveals.

Among these new testimonies, there is that of Marie, a nurse, who worked for a few months alongside the surgeon in the 2010s. She told the Parisian to have “the broken heart by thinking back to these mutilated patients”. She remembers having found a patient unable to stand straight after an abdominoplasty [fait de retirer un excédent de tissus graisseux et de peau au niveau du ventre]. “In the morning, he arrived super tired, boasting of having played poker all night,” she says.

Many are now considering taking the matter to court. The two influencers and reality TV candidates tell the Parisian have come closer.

Interviewed by seven to eight, the surgeon defended himself from all these accusations. First of all, he refutes the fact that he could have made mistakes by injecting hyaluronic acid. “The product, I know where I injected it, between the skin and the muscle, in a tissue called cellular tissue. If it ignites, there is a magma of inflammation which causes the product to diffuse into the skin since we see redness and then it will diffuse into the muscle. For two and a half years, I never had a single inflammation, then there are a few. I don’t really know what to make of all this,” he said. “I unfortunately find that it is not fair. If they do it, it’s because they have their reason and they must be really angry or in pain, and that saddens me because I don’t do this job to make people suffer”.

The star surgeon also defends himself against accusations about his condition during the operations, the report evoking drug use. “I don’t even know how anyone can ask me that question. Can I have a tired head in the morning? Yes. Is my brain tired? No way. Are my abilities to operate fatigued? No way. I operate in a completely normal state, I do this job for my patients (…)”, he says.

A few weeks earlier, Benjamin Azoulay had already spoken of “vendetta” against him, with the Parisian. “I am not God. It’s part of the job. There is not a surgeon who has not experienced complications in his career”, he underlined. Some patients have taken up the defense of the surgeon, who likes to recall that of his nearly 6,000 patients, only four have “assigned” him.

His lawyer, Yves Tolédano, indicates for his part that among the latest accusations, none has been the subject of a complaint. “There is what is called in law the therapeutic hazard, a doctor can do everything well (…) and unfortunately the body reacts badly and we have a problem. Complication does not mean fault of the doctor or surgeon. At this stage these accusations are made but without any medical basis, we do not know”, he concludes in the emission of seven to eight.

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