Wimbledon – Novak Djokovic soutient la décision de l’ATP : “Quand on fait une erreur, il y a des conséquences”

His reaction was expected. World number 1, title holder at Wimbledon, Novak Djokovic had not yet reacted in public to the announcement of the ATP and the WTA not to award points during the London Grand Slam. A decision taken in response to the announcement of the tournament organizers a little earlier. While the Russian invasion in Ukraine has started for three months now, the organizers of the Major on grass had announced, in support of the sanctions decided by the British government, to prevent Russian and Belarusian players from coming to play matches at the All England Club this summer (June 27 – July 11).

The annoying question: Is excluding Russians and Belarusians from Wimbledon a good decision?

An earthquake in the world of the little yellow ball. The two international tennis bodies had therefore decided to strike hard. While, as defending champion, he is the one who has the most to lose in terms of points, the “Djoker”, former president of the ATP players’ council and founder of the Professional Tennis Players Association, who has already had to resolve to lose his 2,000 points that he defended at the Australian Open at the start of the season following the controversy created following his choice not to be vaccinated, one would have thought that he would disapprove of the choice of ATP.

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[L’organisation de Wimbledon] didn’t talk to anyone at the ATP, or even among the players, to find out if a solution could be found. So I think it was the wrong decision

But he reacted favorably to this decision, at a press conference, after his quiet victory against Nishioka in the first round of Roland-Garros on Monday evening. “On a personal level, of course, this is going to affect me negatively. But I’ve had discussions with the ATP president and some board members over the past few days. be heard, to show the Grand Slams that when they make a mistake – and Wimbledon made one – there are bound to be consequences”castigated the one who won the tournament six times.
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And the Serb to extend his thought: “A few days ago, I saw that a document from the English government gave several options (at Wimbledon concerning the sanctions to be adopted). There was not only this solution on the table. nobody from the ATP or among the individual players, even the Russians or the Belarusians, to find out if a compromise or a solution could be found. So I think it was the wrong decision.”.

The one who is currently chasing a third title at the Porte d’Auteuil, and a 21st Grand Slam title has not hidden that “the situation is unique and bizarre”while emphasizing that“there must be mutual respect between the two parties”. What, in any case, relaunch the debate on the decision of the leaders of Wimbledon, already criticized by the Russian Andrey Rublev, or even the German world number 3 Alexander Zverev.

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