TPMP invites Jawad Bendaoud, before retracting: “The impression that we are being spit in our faces”, react the victims of November 13

“Shame”, “unworthiness”, “despicable”, “abject”, the qualifiers rained this Monday afternoon on Twitter after the publication of a tweet from the TPMP program. In this text, since deleted, the C8 program announced the arrival the same evening of Jawad Bendaoud. “Relaxed, then sentenced on appeal after the attacks for “concealment of terrorist criminals”, the man served his sentence and decided to break his silence. He will speak tonight live in TPMP,” the tweet read.

“There is only one interest, it is to make a buzz on the backs of the victims of November 13”

It is an understatement to say that this message was badly received on social networks. In the first place by the victims of November 13. The shock was extremely violent for Arthur Dénouveaux, president of the victims’ association “Life for Paris: November 13, 2015”. “It’s lunar”, is moved by this victim of the attack at Bataclan, contacted by Le Parisien. “Let’s be clear, Jawad Bendaoud was convicted and he served his sentence. He is free and therefore also to go freely in the media”, explains this thirty-year-old fully involved in the trial of November 13 which is taking place at the moment.

“There is only one interest, it is to make buzz on the back of the victims of November 13th. I felt used seeing this. If he comes to say on a set a truth other than the judicial truth, I have the impression that we are spit in the face, ”concludes Arthur Dénouveaux. On Twitter, relatives of victims also reacted strongly. “Never in my life would I have imagined writing to you to ask that, Cyril Hanouna. It is with a lump in my throat that I beg you not to do this to us. When I speak of us, it is in the name of all the victims of the attacks of November 13. ALL the victims, ”wrote Brunella Emmanuelli, close to a victim. In another controversy, over the use of photos of victims of the November 13 attacks by Éric Zemmour’s campaign, complaints had been filed.

“In a case like this, only the opinion of the victims counts” for Hanouna

Faced with the excitement aroused by this invitation, a few hours later, TPMP backpedaled and canceled the arrival of the man who was nicknamed “the landlord of Daesh” at the time of the events, after his appearance on BFMTV in particular. “The tweet about Jawad Bendaoud was removed because the decision was made to cancel his appearance on the show. Cyril Hanouna will explain everything to you tonight in #TPMP can we read on a tweet from the show.

In the process, Cyril Hanouna himself spoke officially, always through Twitter. “Jawad Bendaoud should have been invited to #TPMP this evening. In a case like this, only the opinion of the victims counts. So I made the decision to cancel the interview. I will explain everything to you this evening, ”he commented after this start of the controversy.



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