PSG / Kylian Mbappé en conférence de presse avec Nasser al-Khelaïfi : “Je n’irai pas au-delà de ma fonction de joueur”

His explanations were expected. Two days after the announcement of his contract extension at PSG, Kylian Mbappé spoke on Monday about his decision to continue his adventure in Paris and thus turn his back on Real Madrid. Alongside its president Nasser al-Khelaïfi, the Parisian striker tackled all the subjects without detour, in particular clarifying his role within the club and giving his point of view on the questions of image rights. He also had a message for Madrid fans. Selected pieces.

His role in the project: “I will not go beyond my duties as a player”

Among the reasons mentioned in the press to explain Mbappé’s decision to extend his contract with PSG, it was notably argued that the French international would have an almost decision-making role on the project, a right to inspect the club’s organization chart or even on the recruitment of players. The Parisian striker has completely ruled out this hypothesis.

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Relive Mbappé and Al-Khelaïfi’s press conference


I remain a football player, anchored in a collective, even if there are statutes. I will not go beyond this function, I will not go beyond my function as a player. I like to talk football but I will never go beyond my role as a football player.

Why he stays: “The sports project has changed”

Mbappé wanted to leave Paris for Real last year. He had himself recognized it in various media last October, and which suggested that he was going to join Madrid at the end of his contract on June 30. The Parisian striker explained why he changed his mind. The new course taken by the project of the capital club was essential in its decision.

I had the intimate conviction that it was the best decision to leave (last summer, editor’s note). Today the sporting and private context are different. I couldn’t leave my country like that, there was a sentimental side. Also the project has changed. My story here is not over.

When did he make his decision? “You weren’t misinformed…”

The Mbappé saga has vampirized sports news in recent weeks, with recurring trend changes on the decision of the PSG striker. Eight days ago, after receiving the trophy for best player of the season in L1, Mbappé indicated that his choice was “almost done“. He hadn’t lied.

My choice, I made it last week. I didn’t announce it to my teammates because the club wanted to keep it a secret. Even if you weren’t misinformed (laughs)! Afterwards, we managed to complete the outlines of the contract and the players learned about it in the locker room before the match against Metz.

His gratitude to Real: “I called Florentino out of respect”

Mbappé’s decision to extend to PSG was greeted as a betrayal by Real Madrid and all its supporters, convinced that the French star was going to decline the Parisian offer to fulfill his dream of joining the White House. The Parisian striker explained why he had communicated his decision directly to the Madrid president, and expressed his gratitude to the fans of the merengue club.

I called Florentino Perez because I have respect for him. Real did everything right for me. It was my duty to speak to him personally. They (the Real supporters, editor’s note) have always accepted me as one of their own, you have to be grateful, I hope they will understand that I have chosen to stay in my country. I am French and as a Frenchman I want to continue a little, to lead France to the heights and to pull this championship and this club.

The question of image rights: “We have a country to win”

If a player is at the center of the question of image rights, it is Mbappé. This had already made a lot of noise around the Blues after his refusal in March to participate in marketing operations for the France team. It came back to the table during the saga that preceded his extension to PSG, with rumors that this parameter had influenced his final decision. Mbappé was very clear on the issue, whether in relation to the Blues or PSG.

What’s funny is that before this rally in March, no one made even a brief on image rights. This thing had to happen. To be honest, we talked about months of sport, hours of image and minutes of money. It was very quick, there were no problems, there was just this little misunderstanding in the national team, but which we will resolve very quickly, because we have a country to win (at the World Cup in December, Ed).

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