Premier League, 38e journée – L’entraîneur de Liverpool Jürgen Klopp aurait “probablement” signé pour une telle saison

It was close to nothing, but Liverpool are not champions of England. The Reds finished this Sunday one point behind Manchester City in a crazy last day. Against Aston Villa, the Citizens scored three goals in six minutes to turn the game around and secure the title (3-2) without Liverpool, victorious against Wolverhampton (3-1) being able to do anything about it. At a press conference, Liverpool coach Jürgen Klopp put things into perspective and wanted to look to the future.

City is ecstasy: “We are legends”

“We know why we didn’t get there, we needed a little more consistency in the first half of the season.“, he assessed at the microphone of Sky Sports, while Liverpool were up to 12 points behind during the championship before failing with a breath in their crazy comeback. Despite the disappointment, the coach proved positive. With the FA Cup title, Premier League runners-up and the upcoming Champions League final, Liverpool have indeed achieved a full season.”If I had known (that we’d be in) this situation before the season, I would probably have said “OK, I take”, although I’m not entirely sure for the championship“, he explained.

Premier League

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The final in the viewfinder, next year in the corner of the head

If you want to win big, you have to be willing to lose big. This is what happened to us today” continued Klopp, referring to the Champions League final against Real Madrid in less than a week. The German technician wanted to remobilize his troops. “Now, it will above all be a question of reacting. We won’t be able to react in the league next week, but next year we can“, he estimated.

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A success in the Champions League would obviously make forget the disappointment of the championship. But Klopp hasn’t downplayed the importance of domestic competition. “There is room for progress and we will work for that. But it’s really cool when you don’t have ten changes to make (during the summer transfer window) and to be able to continue to build on what we already have. That’s what we’ll do“, he detailed. It is rumored that the addition of a Tchouaméni would not displease him.

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