Nour, winner of “The Voice 11”, tells all about her adventure with Florent Pagny!

The big winner of the eleventh season of “The Voice”which was broadcast on Saturday May 21 on TF1, is only 16 years old, her name is Nour. While she was accompanied by Florent Pagny, who coached her throughout her adventure, the young singer returned to her journey in the adventure during an interview for Tele-Leisurein particular on his fusional relationship with the interpreter of “Knowing how to love”.

“He told me he was very proud of me, he was happy to end this season in style. At the moment, Florent is not in top form but when I see him in front of me, I finds him happy, happy to be there, in great shape. Sometimes he has moments of fatigue but he is happy”, she said. Florent Pagny currently suffering from cancer, he played his role as coach until the end. Nour added: “luckily Florent was there to reassure me, it made me happy because it’s like a second dad. He accompanied me to the end, he was always there for me”.

And support also goes through the warning. “During the final, he lectured me a bit by telling me that I had to rest my voice”, she explained while her voice had weakened following her interpretation of “Shallow” by Lady Gaga. Before continuing: “I find it so benevolent, it’s so adorable”. It must be said that Florent Pagny’s coaching talents are paying off since this is his fifth victory for “The Voice” since he has been on the show. And No intends to continue to adopt them after the show. “Right now I want to rest a bit for a week or two. I want to rest my voice”she answered the question about her projects

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