Laetitia (Love is in the meadow) engaged: she asked for her handsome rugby player, video!

Laetitia found true love. After first participating in Love is in the meadow in 2018, the pretty Reunionese crossed paths with Florian Bossart (29), a rugby player who plays at Rugby Club Portois. Laetitia has always shown discretion when it comes to the couple they form, but it is impossible for her not to share with her community the great moments they are experiencing.

On Saturday May 21, 2022, the brunette took to her Instagram account to announce exceptional news. With Florent, she will get married ! And it was she who made the request. Indeed, as we discover through the video she posted, Laetitia took her man to a small romantic stretch of beach to kneel in front of him and propose to marry him. A gesture that is out of the ordinary and that conquered Florian. “He said yes!“, she said in the caption.

And to continue with a tender declaration of love: “3 years since we spoke for the first time and 3 years since we left each other. 3 years of ups and downs and 3 years of supporting me! And me too by the way but I want to spend my whole life with you. I prove it to you with this official request which is a strong act of commitment. And you said yes!! I am ready and proud to become your wife, to support you and accompany you in all the trials that life will reserve for us. I like you.



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