Jonathan Cohen married? He modestly evokes his companion, the DJ Piu Piu…

jonathan cohen is back on the small screen in series The Flambeau, the adventurers of Chupacabra, Monday, May 23, 2022 on Canal+. Marc, the character he embodies in this crazy journey, funny parody of the show Koh Lantais already well known to the general public… since everyone had seen him evolve in the first season of the show, The flamewho gently mocked the Bachelor. At the time, the actor and comedian revealed an incarnation of sexism and stupidity bordering on the ridiculous, a personality, therefore, the opposite of his own.

I was ready to have a different relationship

On the heart side, Jonathan Cohen is far from having to embark on a television adventure to find love. In a relationship for 4 years with DJ Piu Piu, he is even father of a little Gloria. And needless to say, the role”man of the house“, he himself prefers to laugh about it. “We were all brought up in this culture where everything pushes us to fit into absurd moulds: I thought that if I wasn’t strong all the time, no woman would love me.he explains in the magazine She. When I met Piu Piu, I was coming out of a story where there were still these bullshit reports of Prince Charming and Cinderella. I was ready to have a different, closer, more equal, healthier relationship.”



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