Jacques Cardoze tacle Boubacar Kamara après son départ !

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Jacques Cardoze charges Boubacar Kamara and his agent. The international hopefuls has just signed with Aston Villa after having reached the end of his contract with Olympique de Marseille. The Marseille club had however offered several offers to extend the midfielder’s contract. His departure seems to have trouble being digested by the Marseille leaders.

On the set of BFM MarseilleJacques Cardoze had harsh words towards Boubacar Kamara: “I think I can say today that there were three contract proposals, with very different formulas, including one where the salary was very very high. Kamara was respected by Pablo Longoria, respected by the club. […] What I can reveal to you is that on Christmas Day, Pablo Longoria received a phone call from Kamara’s agent promising him that he would not go free. During the season, we wondered if a very big club was going to position itself, in which case we might not have had the means to fight. Today, I think we can have regrets. »

to summarize

Boubacar Kamara has decided to join Aston Villa after reaching the end of his contract with Olympique de Marseille. The director of communication of the Marseille club has trouble digesting his departure and charges his agent.



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