her famous hairdresser reveals the trick for a perfect side parting and wet look

her famous hairdresser reveals the trick for a perfect side parting and wet look

After four months of broadcasting on TF1, season 11 of “The Voice” ended this Saturday, May 21, 2022. At the end of the evening during which many prestigious guests such as Mika and Angele had answered the call , it was Nour who was crowned the big winner of this eleventh edition. At just 16 years old, Florent Pagny’s new little protege has just won her entry ticket to the French music scene.

But the other star of the evening is undoubtedly Amel Bent! During this season of “The Voice”, the 36-year-old singer followed lessons in style and elegance with looks all more sought after and pretty than each other. A few weeks after giving birth to her third child, the interpreter of “My philosophy” once again trusted Jérôme Baud, her favorite stylist, and caused a sensation during the final, in a white dress signed Solace London and APM jewelry. Monaco.

As far as beauty is concerned, Amel Bent owes her flawless complexion and this very pretty luminous makeup to the makeup artist “Glam by Majha”. It then passed into the hands of the famous hairdresser “Anais_Hairstyle”. A hairdressing expert followed by nearly 80,000 people on Instagram, who magnifies the hair and creates the hairstyles of the most fashionable artists of the moment, namely Vitaa, Imen Es, Eva Queen, Amel Bent, but also many famous influencers such as Nabilla, Fanny Neguesha or Soukaina.

Long-lasting wet look and perfect side parting: Anaïs, Amel Bent’s hairdresser gives us her tips
If today, she hairs the stars and trains the future hairdressers of tomorrow, Anaïs was still a few years ago, an executive assistant in a Parisian design office. In 2015, she decided to get started by watching tutorials on YouTube and training on… a styling head! Self-taught and above all very talented, she managed to climb the ladder and gain a little notoriety thanks to Instagram until she managed to take care of Amel Bent’s hair, one evening of the final of “The Voice” on TF1.

Exclusively for Public.fr, she explains how to reproduce this hairstyle with the famous “wet effect”, the wet look. We learn that it is thus necessary to start by carrying out a stiff brushing. We then moisturize with the “Dream Coat” of the brand that everyone is talking about at the moment, Color Wow. After applying a brushing accelerator, resume brushing with a hair dryer before straightening impeccably with a straightening iron.

We then move on to tracing the line. And here’s the little-known trick: “To define a perfect side parting, you must draw a perpendicular straight line, starting from two thirds of the eyebrow” she explains to us. To achieve the wet look, Anaïs then applied a large amount of “Pop and Lock” serum, again from Color Wow. “Amel has very thick hair. They are naturally curly, so if we had put some water on, the hairstyle wouldn’t have lasted all evening. To avoid this, I preferred to stiffen up as much as possible and moisturize with plenty of serum, but not only, I also put on a greasy serum from L’Oréal Professionnel. Finally, I fixed with the famous Got2Be hairspray to fix the serum and create the wet effect”. A meticulous and effective process because until the end of the evening, Amel Bent’s hairstyle did not move! We also note that Anais had already taken care of Amel Bent’s hair several times during this season of The Voice“.

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