EXCLUDED – Vincent Shogun, reality TV star, collapses live this afternoon in “Crimes” on NRJ12 against Jean-Marc Morandini, talking about his life and his stay in prison – VIDEO

This afternoon, Jean-Marc Morandini presented a new live number of “Crimes and miscellaneous facts, the daily” on NRJ12. On the set, the journalist received Vincent whom everyone nicknamed Shogun. A reality TV star that you have surely seen in the shows “Les Marseillais” or “Les Ch’tis”. He has just published his autobiography entitled “At the end of the tunnel”.

Appreciated for his humor and his good humor, the young man continues filming and multiplies his followers on social networks. But at the height of his glory, the young man experienced a real descent into hell. Vincent collapses when he learns that his father has a rare disease.

Under the advice of his parents, he tries to continue filming TV, while being present at his father’s bedside. But, very quickly, things deteriorate. A few months later, the death of his father leaves Vincent orphan of his model. Desperate, the young man collapses and falls into a deep depression.

On the verge of suicide, he spends his nights in a nightclub where he plunges into alcohol and drugs. Vincent even connects the bad associations. And one day, things go too far. Manipulated by a friend, Vincent finds himself on a trip to Amsterdam. He finds himself wrongly accused of being a drug dealer. Arrested by the Dutch police, he spent 28 days in prison.
On the set of “Crimes and miscellaneous facts, the daily”, facing Jean-Marc Morandini, Vincent Shogun cracked up by evoking his life and his stay in prison (see video above).

The book is available by clicking HERE




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