Disappearance: influencer Yacine, known as Baby Driver, died at 25

His fans learned the sad news on Instagram. Snapchat star, influencer Yacine, known as Baby Driver, has died of cancer at the age of 25, his family announced on Monday. Four days earlier, she had already given worrying news about her state of health. “Yacine has decided to give us his networks so that we can speak about him”, wrote his relatives on Baby Driver’s Instagram account, where all publications have been deleted. “He has a very aggressive cancer which has been gradually winning him over the past few months in the hospital. We thank you for respecting the privacy of Yacine and her family during these extremely painful and difficult times. »

This Monday, the family published a new message to announce his death. “Yacine has left us… Thank you for continuing to respect his privacy and that of his family at this time of mourning. Intrusive questions and the search for details are unwelcome, ”underline his relatives, concluding their word with prayers.

Yacine, of Algerian origin, was followed by more than 145,000 people on Instagram, admiring his “humour”, his generosity “towards the poor”, according to the comments of certain fans, but above all his life as a great prince led by in sports betting. The young man proudly displayed photos of him posing in front of a luxury car, with the skyscrapers of Dubai in the background. He responded to his critics on video, jealous according to him of his success, reports Télé Loisirs.

Many netizens, shocked by the news, drew parallels with the death of Ali Banat, an Australian businessman known for his philanthropy who died at the age of 33.



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