Deva Cassel as a couple: a big project with her darling will take her away from her parents!

Barely 17 years old and already the world at his feet. Coming of age in a few months, Deva Cassel recently became the youngest ambassador of the prestigious Cartier house. And one thing is certain: this contract is far from being the last. The daughter of Monica Bellucci and Vincent Cassel, from the height of her 1m78, already sees a nice career unfolding in front of her. In the not so distant future, she will undoubtedly travel the world for professional reasons… and that’s good, because she caught the “travel virus“.

At the age of 14, Deva Cassel was already seeing landscapes since she took the plane alone to visit her best friend in Lithuania. She speaks four languages ​​in total, French, Italian, English and Portuguese, and she grew up between Paris, Rome and Rio – the city of his dad’s heart, who also baptized his youngest Amazon. No hesitation about it: the young woman is a citizen of the world. And that’s why she already has big plans in mind, including leaving the cozy nest she occupies near her parents. At the start of the school year, in September 2022, she will therefore follow her boyfriend who leaves to study in America, in the city of New York.

A year to take stock

If she decided to fly away from all her landmarks, it’s out of love… but also a little for herself. These few months should be a “a gap year“.”To take stock and decide what I really want“, she explains in the columns of the magazine Vanity Fair. While waiting to cross the borders, Deva Cassel has temporarily put down her suitcases in Paris to take the various baccalaureate exams. Once she graduates, she will finally be able to see more clearly what the next steps will be. Rumor has it that after modeling, she is thinking of following in the footsteps of her father Vincent Cassel and her mother Monica Bellucci. To be continued…

Find Deva Cassel’s interview in the June 2022 Vanity Fair magazine.



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