Camille Lellouche pregnant: photo of her bare round belly in good company!

On May 17, the event of the day was not just the opening of the Cannes Film Festival! It was also the moment chosen by the singer and humorist Camille Lellouche to reveal to her fans that she is pregnant with her first child. The young woman, who is expecting a baby girl, has since shared a new photo of her baby bump.

After posing a photo of her round belly, then hidden by a t-shirt, to reveal her pregnancy, Camille Lellouche showed a little more this Sunday, May 22. On his Instagram account followed by 2.5 million followers, the 35-year-old star appeared at a football event in the South of France. Better still, she posed with a true football legend: Zinedine Zidane! Too happy, she shared the photo on which she poses all smiles but, above all, the belly in the air. The opportunity to see his baby bump which is beginning to take shape. She revealed a few days ago that she is 5 months pregnant. Father of a large family and now a grandfather since his son Enzo recently welcomed a baby, did Zinedine give him some valuable advice for the future?

On a football field, Camille Lellouche took some fresh air, and notably was able to meet her friend the comedian and actress Melha Bedia. A bit teasing, she offered to give him his dog to train before the baby arrives, just to discover how much becoming a parent requires thinking first of all of the other rather than of oneself.

Camille Lellouche, who remains mysterious as to the identity of the father of her baby, gradually discovers the inconveniences of pregnancy. Always on Instagram, she took the floor to take stock of her condition: “I’m in great shape… wrong! I am exhausted (…) We are on a nice mass gain. I would not speak of weight, I would speak of mass! It’s all we love just before summer. There are choices in life to be made and when you want a child you gain weight. You become a whale!

Note that viewers can find Camille Lellouche in season 2 of the program LOL: Who Laughs, Comes Outon Amazon Prime Video.



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