6 countries accused of cheating, huge scandal unveiled!

6 countries accused of cheating, huge scandal unveiled!

A cheating incident sparks controversy and six countries are involved during Eurovision. We reveal which ones!

Finally, the Eurovision grand final took place on Saturday, May 14, 2022 in Turin, Italy. But a few days after the end of the competition, a huge scandal broke out.

In an official statement, the European Broadcasting Union (EBU) said six countries cheated.

We explain why and how!

Eurovision: discover the six countries that cheated!

Eurovision has existed for many years and the show is still breaking audience records. This year, for example, it attracted nearly 150 million viewers worldwide. This year’s edition was even more popular, but not for the most gratifying reasons.

After the cheating in Koh-Lanta, the insinuations of false scores in the presidential elections, it is the turn of Eurovision to show its letters of nobility…

Unfortunately, the program will not achieve this! As a reminder, it was England who was presented as the favorite, in particular thanks to the vote of the jury.

Finally, Ukraine won the European competition, represented by the group Kalush Orchestra. This is good news for the country which is in conflict with Russia. It was the viewers’ vote that tipped the scales by giving more than 400 points to the country of President Volodymyr Zelensky. Could there be cheating somewhere?

Cheating is not for Eurovision winners

But the public can be reassured. The cheating does not seem to concern the Ukrainians, who deserve their place as big winners of Eurovision. The six countries singled out are Azerbaijan, Georgia, Montenegro, Poland, Romania and San Marino. But what are these territories really accused of?

The latter have apparently formed an alliance to boost their ranking in the second semi-final. It was observed that four of the juries placed the other five countries in their Top 5, one of the juries placed the same five countries in its Top 6 and the last placed four of these countries in its Top 4 and the fifth in its Top 7. Four of these six countries have achieved the maximum score of 12 points at least once, the European Broadcasting Union said in its official statement.

No doubt the EBU is suppressing votes

For the European organization, there is therefore no longer any doubt. These countries cheated at Eurovision. And none of the six countries in question are in the top 8 of the 15 other juries that also participated in the semi-final.

Indeed, this raises questions… Four of the six countries were ranked in the bottom six of the ranking of 15 countries, even underlines the report. Four of the six countries were ranked in the bottom six of the ranking of 15 countries, she said. Faced with this great scam, the official committee took a radical decision.

Given the unprecedented nature of the irregularity detected in the second semi-final, the EBU, in consultation with the pan-European voting partner and the Independent Voting Controller, has decided, in accordance with the contest’s voting instructions, to exercise its right to suppress votes, the statement said.

As a result, the EBU replaced the rankings of cheating countries with Top 10s calculated using an algorithm. This totally changed the situation for the Eurovision final, especially for three of the countries that had qualified, namely Azerbaijan, Poland and Romania.


This is not a first in the European contest

Indeed, in 2019, the votes of a jury were canceled for Eurovision. It was the Belarus jurors who leaked their notes on social media just before the live broadcast on our screens. Indeed, in the organization, the national juries give their scores the day before the live broadcasts, during dress rehearsals called jury shows. See you next year !



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