“We will continue the road”: Florent Pagny provokes great emotion during the final of The Voice

On May 21, 2022, the issue The Voice ended in style with the victory of Nour, protected by Florent Pagny during this 11th season. Very moved, the singer was also offered a trophy because he is the “record holder of The Voice victories” with five Talents, winners of the show. After receiving the prize from the hands of Nikos Aliagas, the performer of the title My freedom of thought – who is currently suffering from lung cancer – couldn’t resist giving a moving farewell speech to the programme.

It’s nice to end in style, he first confided, So it’s true that in general it’s the Talents who come to explain that they had a good time because the people are extraordinary on this set, whether it’s technicians, musicians, production, all the people who accompany, well, I can tell you that this is a coach who has spent ten seasons so I have reached my eleventh year and I can tell you because it’s the truth, if this program is as good it is because in every position, every profession that accompanies an adventure like this, you just have the best!

Thank you all…

All very touched by the very tender words of the singer, the other members of the jury, the host and the public present on the set of TF1 all seem to hold their breath and listen very carefully to Florent Pagny. “I wanted to say that I had really good years and I’m so happy to have spent all this time with all these people. Thank you all...”, concluded the artist, before having an affectionate thought for his family: “Thanks to my wife and my children and it’s beautiful we will continue the road and we will cut like that!

I wish you the best…“, adds Nikos Aliagas, “Don’t worry, we’ll meet again“, slips Florent Pagny, very confident for his future and his recovery. The icing on the cake, Azucena’s husband received a platinum disc for his latest album The future from the hands of Nour and Slimane at the end of the show.



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