Virginie Efira : Chic et classe sur la croisette pour le Festival de Cannes

Virginie Efira: Chic and classy on the Croisette for the Cannes Film Festival

The beautiful Virginie Efira never ceases to amaze. Each year, the actress reveals herself in several films, each more sublime than the next. Virginie has nothing left to prove, she has talent to spare! But talent is above all hard work. Passionate, the forty-year-old actress gives herself 100% on a film set. So much so that she says she regrets the old days when she enjoyed more. Indeed, at 45, Virginie no longer wishes to go out as before, and she sighs, saying: “ Before, I used… » . Yet, whether she benefits or not, the lead actress of ” Don Juan ignited the red carpet during this 75th ceremony of the Cannes Film Festival! Virginie Efira is endless talent, chic and class. On Instagram, she poses dressed in a sublime dress signed Yves Saint-Laurent.

Virgie Efira, Franco-Belgian glamour…

The beautiful Virginie has capsized many hearts… For three years, she has been the companion of actor Niels Schneider, whom she met on the set of the film “L’amour impossible”. If today the lovebirds spin the perfect love, they however experienced a difficult start. Niels told France 2: “ There’s so much going on inside. And there is a discrepancy with what is really happening (…) I was convinced that we were going to have a story and at the same time, as soon as I was next to her, there was panic » . And the sublime Virginie Efira has not finished impressing the public…

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The Cannes Film Festival in turmoil, Virginie is breathtaking in this sublime Yves Saint-Laurent dress… The fans love it, and the comments burst out: “ Divine“, “ A beauty so simple, so natural, wow“, “ Our national beauty“, “ Of course sublime, but also a beautiful person, a lot of humor, and with this distance that belongs to us Belgians“, “ Dazzling, resplendent, solar ” … And you what do you think ?



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