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Teyssier is mad with rage against Zacharie, Constance prevents her husband from committing the irreparable (Summary and spoilers episode n° 408 ITC)

“Here it all begins” preview, detailed summary and spoilers for episode 408 of Thursday, May 26, 2022 of ITC. In your daily series, all shots are allowed to find out the truth. In the kitchen, Jasmine throws a culinary challenge to Axel. Anaïs must make a choice on the eve of her medical appointment


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The summary of Here it all begins from Wednesday, May 25, 2022 is also online. Good reading.


Here it all begins Summary of episode 408 of Thursday, May 26, 2022

Anaïs must make a choice

The day before her appointment for the medical abortion (voluntary termination of pregnancy), Anaïs is not very calm and confides in Salomé. She did not ask Lisandro to accompany her, and besides she is not sure she really wants him to be present. Anaïs does not want to have to manage her stress in addition to her own. Salomé can’t bring herself to let her best friend go to her appointment alone and offers to accompany her. Anaïs is relieved and thanks her.

But without telling Anaïs, Lisandro arranged for the next day’s service. Eliott will replace him. He announces a little later to the young woman that he will be able to accompany her to her appointment with the gynecologist. And he even planned everything to change his mind: chocolate, celebrity magazines, etc. Anaïs is touched by his gesture and ends up confessing to him that she does not want him to accompany her on her appointment. She is afraid of hurting, she is also afraid of feeling guilty and that he is angry with her. Lisandro assures him that this will not be the case. If at the start, he wanted to keep this baby now, it’s clear in his head. Anaïs admits to him that she prefers to go to this meeting with Salomé, because she will be more comfortable. Lisandro is understanding.

Axel has talent

Axel has made progress in the kitchen. Jasmine challenges him: to create a dish with imposed ingredients rather than to reproduce a recipe. But since Jasmine is always full of ideas, Axel asks her if he can create a recipe on his own this time. He wants to test himself. Jasmine accepts. Axel makes a strawberry-beetroot millefeuille with cream and a parmesan tuile. If the dressing is awkward, the dish is original, unexpected and audacious. Jasmine is blown away. Axel thinks she probably lacks objectivity. Jasmine then hastens to give Greg a taste of the dish. He congratulates Axel, because he is successful. Jasmine then seeks the opinion of Clotilde who also finds her creation successful, but also subtle with marked flavors.

Chef Armand can only see that Axel has talent and tries to convince Teyssier that it would be a shame to miss out. The director of the Institute thinks that if his nephew wants to pass the exam, he will have to work hard. Clotilde does not hide her astonishment. She thought he had forbidden Axel to take the exam. Emmanuel wears a smile that suggests he has finally changed his mind.


Constancy is lost

Emmanuel Teyssier wants Charlène to bring him proof that Constance is cheating on him with Zacharie. But the young woman thought it through. She is their daughter and must remain in her place. She feels she has already gone too far. But Emmanuel wants to go all the way because if he calls Constance to account and she hasn’t done anything, she’ll hate him. Teyssier promises Charlène that if he has proof of his mother’s infidelity, he will fight to get it back. Charlene agrees to help him.

Meanwhile, Constance confides to Clotilde that the horseback ride organized by Zacharie allowed her to completely forget for two or three hours everything that was going wrong in her life. She then admits to him that even if she told Zacharie that nothing would happen between them, she may want it to go further. Clotilde thinks that Constance did well to calm things down. She still loves Emmanuel and she would have regretted it. Constance then complains that her husband does not understand what she is going through and that he makes no effort to put himself in her place, whereas Zacharie listens and is attentive to her. Constance also confides that she feels beautiful when Zacharie looks at her. Clotilde thinks that Constance must be wondering if she has feelings for Zacharie or if it is his desire for her that attracts him. Constance confesses to him that she does not know him. Clotilde thinks that Constance should distance herself from Zacharie if she doesn’t have feelings for him, because he seems to be sure of his feelings for her. But Constance doesn’t know if she feels capable of putting some distance, because having Zacharie in her life does her good. Clotilde advises him to protect himself. She reminds her that everything is known at the Institute and warns her: she could lose everything.

For the free test of the regional selections of the Pastry Championship, Zacharie had the idea of ​​starting with a trio of mango, passion fruit and coconut mousses, all on a biscuit and topped with an almond tuile. This is a base and the goal is for Mehdi and Célia to help her perfect her dessert. The two students have never seen Zacharie so enthusiastic. Mehdi remembers that one day Zacharie told him that he was never as well inspired as when he was in love. Célia makes the link with Constance..

Constance receives at her office at lunch time, the visit of Charlène who fears that her parents will separate. Constance assures her daughter that she still loves her father and affirms to him that she does not cheat on him either with Zacharie or with anyone. Constance realizes how much this story affects Charlène enormously and promises to do everything to protect her. But Zacharie interrupts their conversation. He came to give Constance a taste of his round of passions. Charlène follows her father’s idea. She takes the opportunity to slip her phone into her mother’s mail and record their conversation without their knowledge.

Zacharie confides in Constance that he is unable to concentrate because he spent a wonderful day with her yesterday. But Constance thinks they’d better stop seeing each other. She explains to him that if she leaves Emmanuel now, he would be destroyed. Constance also wants to protect her children. Zacharie advises her to think of herself and do what makes her happy. He understands that she needs some time to think things over and tells Constance that she deserves to be waited for…

Charlene got her phone back. Louis urges her to listen to their conversation, but Theo overhears them talking about Constance and Zacharie. He hopes his sister isn’t hatching a plan of which she alone has the secret. Charlene assures him that is not the case, and explains that she is trying to work things out. Theo tries to convince his sister that she’ll just make things worse if she gets involved in their parents’ stories.

Charlene finally lies to her father. She tries to make him believe that Zacharie came to see Constance in the infirmary because he had a headache and then left because he was in a hurry. She explains to her father that she deleted the recording because she didn’t see the point in keeping it. But Teyssier is not fooled and orders his daughter to give him her phone. After listening to the conversation between Zacharie and his wife, Emmanuel loses his footing. He arranges to meet Zacharie on the Institute’s footbridge. Mad with rage, he grabs him and keeps him balanced on the low wall of the catwalk, ready to drop him. He reminds her that he told her not to go near his wife anymore. Landiras assures him that nothing happened. Students witness the scene and film it. Charlene begs her father to stop. Constance intervenes in time and asks her husband to let Zacharie go. Emmanuel complies and declares to Zacharie that he has been warned, he must no longer approach his wife.

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