Nathalie Marquay, poignant confidences 2 months after the death of Jean-Pierre Pernaut



Difficult to rebuild after 15 years of marriage. Two months after the disappearance of her husband Jean-Pierre Pernaut, Nathalie Marquay confides in an open heart.

It has now been two months since Jean-Pierre Pernaut left. Two months that his widow and his children are mourning as best they can. Guest of the program “50 minutes inside” on TF1, Saturday May 21, Nathalie Marquay agreed to confide in this new complicated life without her other half. An interview during which she spoke about what she misses the most, now that she finds herself deprived of the one who shared her life for more than 15 years.

“I am told that with time it passes, but the more time passes and frankly no, I miss him. There, I know he’s with me, but it’s not having him in my arms, not being able to kiss him, to tell him what I did all day, to laugh together , to prepare his favorite dishes. I’m not a great cook, but his little dishes… I took care of him. Here, it is a lack, it is irreplaceable, ”comments the former Miss France, crowned in 1987.

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The mother of Lou and Tom (19 and 18) also returned to the “signs” she has been feeling for years. “We talked a lot about death, Jean-Pierre and I, there was no taboo. Never, never on anything. So I always said, especially the day you leave, don’t forget that I pick up the signs, so you’d better sign to me, otherwise I’ll just strangle you, ”she explained.

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The popular TF1 JT presenter died on March 2 at the age of 71. Affected by lung cancer for four months, Jean-Pierre Pernaut’s state of health suddenly deteriorated in February with several strokes. His funeral was held on March 9 at the Sainte-Clotilde basilica in Paris, in the presence of many personalities. Since then, many fans have invaded the town of Bouvaincourt-sur-Bresle (Picardy), in the hope of finding the grave of the animator there.



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