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Marion Cotillard separated: Her ex, Guillaume Canet makes a statement to a famous French actress

It’s been some time now that Guilaume Canet and Marion Cotillard are no longer a couple. A relationship that did not go as the fans would have liked! In any case, things seem to have taken another turn quite quickly. This is what fans have seen with this statement that the former companion of the actress has made! We reveal the details in our article.

Marion Cotillard: An unexpected separation!

It’s a couple that we thought was made to last. They are rare to hold on in the world of cinema or music. However, Marion Cotillard as well as Guillaume Canet had left to spend a long time together. No one expected them to end up not ending their relationship so abruptly. The observation was made in particular by the TPMP team, which highlighted the fact that they seemed to be having happy days!

“Today, Marion Cotillard would therefore have left, she would live with a friend” had therefore unveiled the columnists on the set of the show. A significant turnaround since the couple had still been seen in Cap Ferret a few months ago. And their happiness seemed apparent at the time! It remains to be seen what really happened between the two lovebirds. For his part, the companion of the star remained in their former home. Something to make a concrete change for the fans!

A statement that does not fail to surprise!

Until then, Marion Cotillard and Guillaume Canet have remained discreet on the subject. Their separation has not known any excuse for the moment. But it would still be necessary to know that the couple could well have moved on. At least that’s what fans of the two public figures might believe! And this is understandable when we see Guillaume Canet’s statement for one of his former collaborators.

A few days ago, the former companion of Marion Cotillard shared the poster for his latest film. Entitled “A Better Life”, it shares the main role with another renowned star. This is Leila Bekhti with whom he seems to have enjoyed shooting this film. “A film that I really like with an actress that I adore” could we also read in the comments of his publication.

Marion Cotillard: A couple that did not last for fidelity?

We have been following the new adventures of Marion Cotillard and Guillaume Canet for several months. This is also why the couple surprised more than one thanks to their breakup. Especially since neither of them has revealed the details of their breakup.

Note, however, that the rumors of a possible infidelity has always been important between the two. The companion of Marion Cotillard had also been considered a womanizer at that time. What leave room for doubt!



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