Marie-Sophie Lacarrau

Marie-Sophie Lacarrau at her worst, her chilling secrets about her infection, her extreme suffering

After months of absence, Marie-Sophie Lacarrau is back on the 1 p.m. news from TF1. If the journalist was absent, it was because she had a health concern. Indeed, the mother of the family had suffered from an eye infection. But everything seems to be back to normal now, Moreover, she signed her big return to the 1 p.m. news on May 16, 2022. Invited to Daily (TMC) on May 19, Jean-Pierre Pernaut’s replacement returned to this period difficult.

” It’s very painful “

Viewers were disappointed when they saw that Marie-Sophie Lacarrau was absent from the news. The latter announced that she would not be back due to a medical concern.

FYI, it was amoebic keratitis, contracted after parasites entered his eye and attacked his cornea, due to water in his contact lenses. The diagnosis took ten days to come.

“All it takes is a drop of water that passes between the lens and the cornea. Parasites, amoebas, which are present in tap water can enter your cornea and eat it, ”she confessed during her passage in Daily.

According to Marie-Sophie Lacarrau, she lived in the dark, without a screen and without books. That’s not all ! The journalist was not able to listen to music or even the radio as she had headaches.

” It’s very painful. You feel like you have gravel or pieces of glass in your eye. It scratches constantly and it causes pain that goes up in your head and down in your teeth. The specialist who followed me used to say that some pain can be up to 40 times that of a toothache. We don’t ask questions, we wait for things to get better, ”she said to presenter Yann Barthès.

A strong woman

To heal and regain sight, the wife of Pierre Bascoul had to use eye drops which are however very toxic and very aggressive. She had to dose them so as not to damage her eye. Not to mention that every day, the mother of the family had to consult a specialist.

If Marie-Sophie Lacarrau is doing better today, it is obviously thanks to this one. But also thanks to the support of his management who promised to wait for him at all costs.

Once back, the team had to adapt to some constraints of the journalist given her illness. They had, for example, to adjust the light so that it is less strong so that Marie-Sophie Lacarrau supports it.

“I could wear lenses, I don’t want to put them back on, and when I tried them, I tested everything: glasses, the teleprompter, no glasses, no teleprompter… And I liked it with the index cards. As a tribute to Jean-Pierre Pernaut who never used a teleprompter, ”she said.

Glad to be back

It is with joy that Marie-Sophie Lacarrau was back on the 1 p.m. news set. By way of introduction, she spoke briefly about her suffering before expressing her happiness to find her faithful spectators.

” Hello everyone. Monday, May 16, I couldn’t imagine loving this date so much one day. I’m really, really happy to see you again and right away we’re back to our good habits, as if we had never left each other. It’s true that over the past few months, many of you have heard from me and I thank you for that. Today, it is therefore I who want to know how you are doing, “she said.

The journalist’s life resumes its normal course. Although today, she is no longer allowed to wear contact lenses. She must remain vigilant and the mother knows it. As for her eye, she had to wear glasses on the air, but in the end it was Marie-Sophie Lacarrau without accessories that we found on May 16, 2022.

She would therefore have opted for an exercise without a teleprompter, as did the deceased Jean-Pierre Pernaut. In any case, what is certain is that she no longer intends to leave her place now.

“When you are hit by such an ordeal, it cuts your legs and you either dive or bounce higher. Me, I bounce higher. Today, I feel stronger and full of energy. I have always been calm. There, I come back even more zen,” she said fervently.



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