Laurent Ruquier in a relationship with Hugo Manos: photos of the chic houses in which the couple lives their passion

At 59, Laurent Ruquier can boast of having made a success of his life. The host and producer multiplies the shows on TV and radio while having a busy love life. For a few years, he has been living a passion with Hugo Manos, boss of a sports hall and for some time a columnist on television. The couple is exposed little but seems on a small cloud. Between the two men, despite their age difference, the atmosphere is good. So much so that they are always stuffed together, from Paris to Normandy.

Indeed, Laurent Ruquier had admitted in an interview that the confinement had been a very good way to test the solidity of his couple. A way of specifying that he therefore shares a common roof with the handsome Hugo Manos. The lovers live most of the time in Paris, where the host of France 2 and RTL has a superb apartment on two floors, according to the few photos and videos revealed by Hugo on social networks. The handsome 33-year-old brunette with flattering attributes likes to stage himself on TikTok, sometimes with Neuneu, Laurent Ruquier’s dog and that’s how we were able to sparingly discover the interior of this apartment in the beautiful neighborhoods of the capital.

Asked by Home side in 2013, Laurent Ruquier had at the time described the style he likes to furnish his home. “It’s a rather modern mix but not too design. There is not a precise line because my furniture is made up of an accumulation of furniture that I have been dragging around for a long time, memories of travels and many objects that I have received as gifts…“, he said then. And the host ofWe are live to clarify what is for him the ultimate luxury: “If I had to allow myself the luxury of an extra room, it would be a gym. It would save me from pushing the dining room table for my three weekly boxing sessions with my coach.



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