"Florent Pagny is like a second dad"

“Florent Pagny is like a second dad”

This Saturday, May 21, TF1 broadcast live the final of the eleventh season of The Voice. After a breathtaking suspense, it was finally Nour who was crowned the big winner thanks to her powerful covers of Shallow (Lady Gaga) and Fly (Celine Dion). The 16-year-old singer is the pride of her coach Florent Pagny who signs here his fifth victory in the hit tele-hook on the front page. A few hours after her victory in front of nearly 4 million faithful, Nour confided in Tele-Leisure on his adventure, his relationship with his coach, but also on his musical projects.

“I still don’t realize”

Tele-Leisure: How do you feel a few hours after your victory?
I still don’t realize I won! I’m very happy but I think it will take me days and weeks to achieve. When I won, my mum was in tears, everyone was in tears, they were all very happy. It made me happy to see my family happy like that. Since my victory, I haven’t slept at all. After the show we all had a party to end the season. So I came home at 4am and I couldn’t sleep, I was so excited.

When the results were announced, how did you feel?
I can’t describe my emotions, it was so weird. I was so out of place, I didn’t think I was going to win. When I heard my first name, I was just in shock, I was petrified. I really didn’t expect that. In my head, it was impossible for me to win.

What did your coach Florent Pagny tell you after your victory?
He told me he was very proud of me, he was happy to end this season in style. At the moment, Florent is not in top form but when I see him in front of me, I find him happy, happy to be there, in top form. Sometimes he has moments of fatigue but he is happy thanks to the family of The Voice, so I’m very happy.

“I put a lot of pressure on myself”

This week, your voice was weakened and at the end of your performance on shallow, your coach has expressed his frustration. How did you experience that moment?
This performance was very strange, because I was really not well, I had a sore throat. Fortunately Florent was there to reassure me, it made me happy because it’s like a second dad. He accompanied me until the end, he was always there for me. After this performance, I collapsed in tears, I was not too proud of myself. My voice was completely tired, I said to myself that this might be the last time I would go on stage and I did a performance where I could do better. I put a lot of pressure on myself, all week I took lots of medication, I went to see doctors to get better. I wanted to give it my all but I couldn’t…

What can you tell us about your background and your evolution throughout the show?
I feel like I learned a lot of things like in school (laughs). Each stage took me even higher, I gained a lot of self-confidence thanks to the support of Florent Pagny and the team of The Voice. I also gained a lot of maturity, Florent gave me great advice, so at each stage, I became better.

“Florent Pagny lectured me a bit”

What was the turning point in your adventure, in your opinion?
I think the moment that changed everything was when I sang he died the sun of Nicoletta during the Cross Battles. I know the audience liked it. On this song, I really had fun and I let go. It feels good to sing a song that no one sings. I think that’s when the public really discovered me.

What did Florent Pagny teach you during this adventure? Do you have projects together?
For the projects, I don’t know at all. Maybe he will offer me some in the coming weeks. But in any case, Florent taught me so many things, he gave me vocal techniques, he helped me gain self-confidence. During the final, he lectured me a bit by telling me that I had to rest my voice, I find that so benevolent, it’s so adorable.

What’s next for you? When will your songs be released? Your album?
For now, I want to rest a bit for a week or two. I want to rest my voice, it’s too early to think about all that. Then I’ll see what the future holds for me.



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