Benjamin Castaldi sends a nice message to Matthieu Delormeau, absent from the show after his clash with Gilles Verdez (VIDEO)

This Saturday, May 21, Benjamin Castaldi replaced Matthieu Delormeau at the presentation of TPMP People, after his violent clash with Gilles Verdez. The former presenter of Secret Story sent him a nice message.

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The controversy does not die down. The week was particularly electric in Do not touch My TV. Indeed, a violent clash broke out between Gilles Verdez and Matthieu Delormeau about Idrissa Gueye. Indeed, the footballer refused to play during the day of the fight against homophobia. But during this debate, tempers flared between the two columnists. First of all, Gilles Verdez defended the sportsman by declaring: “It’s taking on a global dimension, but I support it. Idrissa Gueye is an exemplary man, he has just raised a million euros for young patients at a charity gala. He’s someone who cares a lot about what’s going on in society.” It was enough for Matthieu Delormeau to come out of his hinges. “You really are a huge asshole! Homophobia is not an opinion, it is a crime. What you are saying here is a shame. I tell you eye to eye, he exclaimed, very annoyed. Furious, he then left the set.

Matthieu Delormeau absent

The next day, Cyril Hanouna announced that Matthieu Delormeau would not be present the rest of the week on the show and that he would not present TPMP Peoplethe columnist being “very shocked” by the sequence experienced with Gilles Verdez. It was therefore Benjamin Castaldi who was chosen to replace his colleague at the presentation of TPMP People. This Saturday, May 21, the former presenter of Secret Story therefore presented the program and from the start of it, he sent a message of support to Matthieu Delormeau.

The beautiful message of Benjamin Castaldi

I replaced at short notice Matthieu Delormeau, my friend, my little brother whom I kiss. He’ll be back I think next week.”, he declared on the air while giving her a kiss. “Besides, it was a bit of the debate this week, I always wear this bracelet in LGBT colors“, he concluded. A beautiful message of support!

TPMP Peopleto be found in full on the application myCANAL.



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