Après PSG – Metz (5-0) / “Kylian”, banderole à l’endroit, Di Maria et feu d’artifice : le samedi magique de Paris

The expected scenario was not that one. It was easier to imagine PSG ending its season in a gloomy atmosphere, against a backdrop of Kylian Mbappé’s departure from Real Madrid, a strike by supporters, players demobilized before going on vacation, the delivery of the French champion trophy on the sly. It could have finally stuck to the so bizarre season of the capital club. Quite the opposite happened. Paris had a magical evening in every sense of the word.

“Kylian” madness

League 1

The Mbappé miracle changes everything in the project


The magnificent Saturday in Paris began long before nightfall. He was already on the move when all the media announced Kylian Mbappé’s extension, when his departure from Real Madrid seemed to be a given for a long time. The announcement made by the Parisian striker and his president, Nasser al-Khelaïfi, just before the kick-off of the meeting ended up killing a suspense that no longer existed. She launched a fiery atmosphere, with “Kylian, Kylian, Kylian” coming down from the stands.

Mbappé has reinflated the Park. And his teammates who lived this interminable wait before the deliverance. “Ihe was strong (laughs), he didn’t say anything and didn’t show anythingsaid Marquinhos at the microphone of Amazon Prime. We were told about it a little before the match, but it was not sure. We saw his ceremony from the locker room, it’s nice. It boosted us.” And after speaking on the microphone, Mbappé did it with his feet. His double in the first half hour of play plunged Paris into ecstasy. His third goal at the very start of the second period punctuated his umpteenth recital this season. This dream evening for Paris, it was he who launched it perfectly.

The CUP returns its banner

Still had to take over. Despite the demonstration of a totally uninhibited PSG in the first period, the atmosphere was not yet good on the side of the Collectif Ultra Paris. He had renewed this strike of encouragement which has lasted since the trauma of elimination against Real in the Champions League. Symbolically, the CUP has systematically displayed its banner upside down as a sign of protest since this turning point in the Parisian season. At halftime, he finally put it back in place. And started doing what he knows how to do best: encouraging his people.

Tears of Di Maria

This is the best the CUP could do to pay tribute to one of its most brilliant soldiers. The man who celebrates with a heart knocked them all down in the second half. With a little twist of fate. Yet another post to return a shot from Leo Messi, a ball that comes back to him and a last goal to bid farewell to the Park: the evening of tribute to Angel Di Maria was launched. In tears in the arms of Neymar and Mbappé, then of all his teammates, “El Fideo” released his emotions and put the Park in turmoil.

His replacement three minutes later was a big highlight of the Parisian evening. The Park gave him a memorable ovation, his teammates gave him a guard of honor, the ultras held up a banner to salute the “respect, humility, mentality” of their brilliant Argentinian. Very touched, Di Maria hugged all his teammates, greeted the crowd for the first time and left this lawn where he signed so many exploits.

A real firework

There have been plenty of those little moments that PSG have missed so much this season. Like Neymar’s celebration for his 100th goal in Ligue 1. Like the entry into play of “titi” Alexandre Letellier in place of Keylor Navas at the end of the match, so that he too could be champion. Above all, there is this superb and deserved tribute paid to Di Maria after the final whistle. Accompanied by his wife and two daughters, also in tears, the Argentinian was treated to a guard of honor from the players and staff and the broadcast of a clip of his best moments in Paris. In seven years, there have been.

Leaving like this, this way, it’s the best thing that could happen to me“, he dropped, overwhelmed with emotion, at the microphone of Prime Video before the trophy ceremony. A magnificent fireworks display, happy players on the podium, a lap of honor under the applause from the public. And above all smiles. A joy that had never transpired from this PSG so far this season. It was not until the last evening of the championship that it was finally visible. But it was worth it.

League 1

PSG champion, OM 2nd, double blow from Mbappé: the honor roll of the L1


League 1

The hat-trick after extra time: dream evening for Mbappé and PSG




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