Angèle puts a huge wind to Amel Bent in the middle of the final of “The Voice”!

This Saturday evening, on the occasion of the grand finale of The Voice, Vike, the talent of Amel Bent, had the great honor of sharing the stage with the beautiful and talented Angèle.

Moreover, in the magneto, just before performing in front of the jury for good, the main interested party let it be known that he was extremely “impressed” by the singer, “even intimidated”.

Both performed Ta Reine, one of Vike’s favorite songs, who admitted to having “a sick luck” and hoped “to be on top”.

After the performance, Amel Bent said how proud she was of her talent and how much she adored Angèle. The mother of three paid great compliments to her young colleague.

On the other hand, when both left the stage, Angèle did not deign to stop in front of the interpreter of My philosophy and spun directly behind the scenes… an enormous wind which did not go unnoticed and is likely to spill a lot of ink.

“I have always been immersed in music. I come from a family of musicians. My father is a jazz saxophonist, my mother was a singer. I started playing the guitar at the age of 7.8. Singing arrived later. I realized that I was not singing too badly. I had a click in adolescence when I went to see Peter Gabriel in concert at the Zenith in Paris. I wanted to do that every day of my life”Vike recently explained about his passion, in an interview with Entertainment TV.

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