Yannick Alléno shares a moving photo of Antoine as a child



The grieving father posted a photo of ten-year-old Antoine on Instagram, twelve days after his tragic death by a driver on May 8.

It’s the very simple photo of a meeting of relatives in a wine cellar that we guess is full of good vintages. So simple and yet overwhelming. The smiles are radiant, the scene exudes friendship and good humor. Proud as Artaban, the little boy, surrounded by his family and friends, firmly holds a bottle of wine. At his side, protective, his hand also resting on the bottle as if to prevent his son from clumsiness, stands his father, Yannick Alléno. The little boy Antoine, whose life was brutally cut short on the evening of May 8, by a drunk driver who hit his scooter at breakneck speed.

“Let’s hope that this didn’t happen for nothing, that Antoine will be at the origin of changes, encouraging more severity towards these offenders who rot life, who destroyed my life and that of our whole family,” said Yannick. Alléno at Antoine’s funeral. Broken by grief, the star chef wants to do everything to ensure that justice is done and prevent other lives from being swept away by stupidity and road violence.

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On Instagram, Yannick Alléno opens his heart and his memory box with infinite delicacy, sharing photos of happy days: “I promise you! It’s the last ! But this one I can’t help but share with you! We know where his taste for life came from! We miss you Toinou! We love you” writes the leader as if apologizing for sharing a burden too heavy to bear, that of mourning.

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