Un retour légendaire se prépare à Marseille !

OM Mercato: The lines are moving on the side ofOlympic Marseille. The Marseille club could make a historic comeback this summer.

OM Mercato: Jean Pierre Papin soon back in Marseille

Olympique de Marseille is preparing for a very eventful summer transfer window. OM management is already working behind the scenes to attract new recruits this summer. But the Marseille club could also complete the return of one of its former glories, in the person of Jean Pierre Papin.

The name of the former striker of the French team is indeed regularly mentioned on the side of Canebière. OM management had already tried to recruit him in recent years to fill the position of training advisor. If he aspired to this position, the former Ballon d’Or 1991 had finally decided to give up on OM to commit to C’Chartres Football (in National 2), where he currently officiates on the sidelines. Nevertheless, the adventure of Jean Pierre Papin within the Chartrain club could end as early as this summer.

Jean Pierre Papin close to a start from C’Chartres

In his article of the day, The Echo evokes the future of Jean Pierre Papin and assures that the former emblematic striker of OM is not certain to still be the coach of C’Chartres next season. The 58-year-old has a good chance of setting sail as soon as the next transfer window opens. So, if he left, where would he go? The media ensures that a return to Olympique de Marseille is still relevant. JPP could therefore return to his former club in the coming weeks. This historical return would be under study between the different parties.

A true living legend of football, Jean Pierre Papin left an indelible mark on the history of OM, scoring more than 250 goals in 454 games. If his return materializes, it will please the many Marseille fans immensely. OM would thus find their former striker.



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