the vibrant tribute to Nathalie Marquay upsets Internet users

Nathalie Marquay in 50’Inside, this Saturday, May 21, on TF1. TF1 screen capture

This Saturday, May 21, TF1 broadcast two numbers of “50’Inside”. Nikos Aliagas dedicated his portrait of the week to Nathalie Marquay. Two months after the death of Jean-Pierre Pernaut, she paid a vibrant tribute to her late husband, who upset Internet users.

Like every Saturday, viewers found two issues of “50’Inside”. In the first episode dedicated to the news, Nikos Aliagas dedicated his portrait of the week to Nathalie Marquay. The former Miss France, elected in 1987, agreed to return to the most traumatic period of her life: the death of her husband. Jean-Pierre Pernaut died on March 2, following lung cancer. This passionate journalist presented the TF1 news for more than 30 years. The French have grown and evolved alongside him. As Tahar Rahim, present on the set of “50’Inside”, with Nikos Aliagas so aptly pointed out: “He’s someone I’ve never met, but I had the impression that ‘He was with us all the time’.

Discover the portrait of Jean-Pierre Pernaut:

If his death has upset millions of people, his family remains, of course, the most affected. Very discreet since the disappearance of her husband, Nathalie Marquay has decided to confide in Nikos Aliagas. During this moving interview, the widow of Jean-Pierre Pernaut remembered tender moments. In addition, she also spoke of her biggest shortcomings since that tragic day when her life and that of her children changed. “I am told that over time it passes, and the more time passes, and frankly, no. I miss him”, explained the mother of Lou and Tom Pernaut to the host.

What a beautiful tribute to our late Jean-Pierre Pernaut

In addition, Nathalie Marquay explained in more detail the lack she felt since the love of her life had left her. “I know he’s with me, but it’s not having him in my arms, not being able to kiss him, to tell him what I did during the day, to laugh together, to prepare his favorite little dishes…”, she revealed with emotions, before adding: “I am not a great cook, but his little dishes… I took care of him. It is a lack, he is irreplaceable .” His words so painful have reasoned in the ears of Internet users. For them, it is a “beautiful tribute” paid to Jean-Pierre Pernaut.

“Always classy and caring”

Twitter subscribers also wanted to highlight the benevolence of Nikos Aliagas. With each of his guests, the famous TF1 presenter manages to find the right words and support his interlocutor. For this, Twittos wanted to thank him.

Jean-Pierre Pernaut was an icon for many. The former face of TF1 will remain etched in people’s minds.

VIDEO – Nikos Aliagas’ Minute:



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