Triche à l’Eurovision 2022: l’organisation annule les votes de six pays impliqués

the organization cancels the votes of six countries involved

After investigation, the EBU, responsible for the good performance of the song contest, noted “irregularities” in several countries of Eastern Europe.

The 2022 edition of Eurovision hit by a cheating scandal. In a press release shared Thursday, May 19, the European Broadcasting Union (EBU) claims to have noted “irregular voting patternsfor Azerbaijan, Georgia, Montenegro, Poland, Romania and San Marino. Their votes were therefore not counted during the final which took place on Saturday 14 May in Turin.

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Still according to the organization that investigated, these countries would have worked together to determine their respective rankings and award themselves the most points. “In the second semi-final, it was observed that four of the juries placed the other five countries in their Top 5, one of the juries placed the same five countries in its Top 6 and the last one ranked four of these countries in its Top 4 and fifth in its Top 7. Four of these six countries have received the maximum score of 12 points at least once“, Details the EBU.

Given the unprecedented nature of the irregularity detected in the second semi-final, the EBU, in consultation with the pan-European voting partner and the Independent Voting Controller, has decided, in accordance with the contest’s voting instructions, to exercise their right to suppress the votes“, can we still read. “An irregularity of this magnitude is unprecedented“.

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At the beginning of the week, the Romanian organizers had discovered with amazement that the votes of their jurors had beenreplaced», expressly asking the Eurovision organization to give «concrete reasons“. “Depending on the response that will be sent to us, TVR (Romanian television, Ed.) reserves the right to take measures to correct the situation created“, was it indicated in their press release. It remains to be seen whether Romania will contest the decision of Eurovision.

Represented by the group Kalush Orchestra, Ukraine won the competition last Saturday ahead of the United Kingdom and Spain, thanks to the vote of television viewers who voted for the group representing the country invaded by Russian troops.

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