Lou Doillon pregnant: childbirth is approaching, photos of her baby bump on an Italian getaway

The sweet life seems to be in order for the last days of this surprise pregnancy in any case! Party on vacation just before giving birth, Lou Doillon will indeed be able to enjoy, rested, her baby who should not delay any longer. A baby who should be able to count on his big brother, Marlowe: born in 2002, the young man is the fruit of Lou Doillon’s relationship with musician John Ulysses Mitchell and will surely be able to help his mother in the great adventure that awaits him.

A young man who is, moreover, launching into modeling: not long ago, he had served as a model for the collection of a young couturier, just like his cousin, Alice Attal, to whom he seems close. Little wonder, so much the Birkin clan seems welded. And is surely even more so since the death of Kate Barry, the eldest of the family, who had fallen from her balcony in 2013.

A drama that marked Lou Doillon, as she had confided in 2018 to the magazine She : “The fact that she is no longer there, rushing to the right, to the left, on the surface of the globe. When Kate walked into a room, everyone knew. It’s like the sun you miss. The chair is empty and we have to deal with it“, she explained. Today, if the mourning is always difficult, the sister of Charlotte Gainsbourg is happy again … and we wish her to make the most of this period full of life!



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