Legislative: behind the scenes of the surprise candidacy of Francis Lalanne in Charente

On the phone, the interpreter of La Maison du bonheur confirms. Its label: France Libre. “An association that I created. I present myself as a simple citizen to achieve responsibilities without the tutelage of a party. » His credo: participatory democracy. “I will not decide anything, I will establish a permanent consultation with my voters to bring their voice to the Assembly. » His program: not yet set. “It happened last weekend”apologizes Dominique Souchaud

I will be Charentais until the end of the elections and for five years I hope.

The candidacy of the 63-year-old composer surprised even the person concerned. “I didn’t think I would do it now”, he admits. So why ? It’s Dominique Souchaud, also substitute for Carole Bataille on the 2and constituency, who came up with the idea. The two met a few years ago in small environmental parties. “There was no one on the third constituency with our values “Explains the former elected Cognaçais. He gave it a shot. “When someone calls me, I answer present”, Lalanne waved.

From the Charente, he knows above all the maritime. He was at the launch of the Francofolies de La Rochelle. From 2016 to 2019 he played a role in the show Fort Boyard. “But I’m not coming as a tourist, from Monday I’m criss-crossing the Charente. I will be Charentais until the end of the elections and for five years I hope. » Some call it a parachute drop. Reminds him that the legislative “are national elections”, that he has been scouring France for 45 years and has ties everywhere.

Other pearls slip into the candidates’ trombinoscope. Still on the green side, Corinne Berthelot is running for the first constituency (Angoulême), under the banner “Ecology at the center”, the same as Dominique Souchaud. Originally from Angoulême, this resident of the Basque Country defines herself as “resistant. Against the policy of blah-blah, war, vaccines”. She should find herself on this with a candidate yet at the opposite end of the political spectrum. William Sauton, figure of the anti-sanitary pass movements, embarks on the 2and riding under the label of Florian Philippot’s Patriotes. For the first time, the Animalist Party presents two candidates: Eric Tomsin (3and), and Quentin Caulliez (2and). The candidate for the first constituency did not file her candidacy on time.



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