Jean-Pierre Pernaut was buried, the place finally revealed by his wife!

Jean-Pierre Pernaut was buried, the place finally revealed by his wife!

Jean-Pierre Pernaut: fans have found his burial place, here are all the details and explanations thanks to expert advice.

Nathalie Marquay is slowly recovering from the death of her husband, Jean-Pierre Pernaut. Indeed, she begins to make a few appearances on television sets and gives interviews.

This Wednesday, May 18, 2022, she kindly answered questions from Gala journalists about the funeral of her late husband.

Nathalie Marquay reveals the place where JPP was buried…

Life changed for Nathalie Marquay on Wednesday March 2 when Jean-Pierre Pernaut breathed his last. She recently came to testify on the TPMP set of her daily life.

The pretty brunette revealed that she communicates with her late husband every day and that he sends her signs.

She has also written a book on this subject, on her gifts of clairvoyance and premonitions…. This one revealed that in reality he had not died of lung cancer.

Indeed, last January, the results were good and there were no more traces of the disease. It was thereafter that he had multiple strokes, one of which was fatal. The latter had immediately contacted Florent Pagny, also suffering from lung cancer, to encourage him and give him hope.

His death was a cataclysm in the hearts of the French. Indeed, the journalist still shared the life of the French for 33 years by presenting the television news of TF1. It was in September 2020 that he decided to stop his job to have more time for him and his wife, Nathalie Marquay. Indeed, he had already been diagnosed with prostate cancer.

Jean-Pierre Pernaut survived three cancers…

Unfortunately, shortly after, Jean-Pierre Pernaut had announced the sad news. After a first operated and cured lung cancer, he had informed of a recurrence on the second lung. For information, he was a heavy smoker who kept this bad habit for years. A way to de-stress when he was still on the air.

Nathalie Marquay shares every second of her life with Jean-Pierre Pernaut

This Sunday, May 15, 2022, Nathalie Marquay was in Brittany. The former Miss France thinks of her husband every day and she shared tender words during her stay in the countryside.

“It’s calm, we can gather and I know that my Jean-Pierre loved Brittany. Have a good day, I kiss you”.

This Wednesday, May 18, 2022, during an interview for the magazine Gala, Nathalie Marquay wanted to make things clear regarding the burial of her husband and in particular the place where he was buried: “I am lucky to go almost every day to the cemetery, because he was buried near the house and not in Amiens as everyone thinks”.

A place chosen by the couple

This place is no coincidence for Nathalie Marquay and JPP. Indeed, the couple have been thinking about it for several years. When we bought this house, located not far from a retirement home and a cemetery, we laughed a lot with Jean-Pierre.

Jean-Pierre Pernaut

I joked with him: ‘As you are 17 years older than me, I will put you in a nursing home when you are in a wheelchair. And when you’re gone, I can go see you every day at the cemetery here! “, she explained to Cyril Hanouna on the set of TPMP. Endowed with incredible strength, she revealed disturbing signs about life after death. Do not hesitate to watch his passage on C8.



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